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Welcome to the Internet, Please Follow me

By SharpWriter
Question: Whats more awesome then a cat riding a unicorn? Answer: A cat riding a unicorn with a golden desert


Adorn your wall with a print of this.

Download the 1920x1080 desktop---->


Photoshop CS5
The Girlfriends homemade cookies
Season 2 of MasterChef
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Perfect representation of the internet...

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Well, as a net user since the late eighties (when it was not the net per se) this certainly explains everything!
You should get Greg Gutfeld to help you sell this kind of stuff. I'm sure he would love it
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Found this through a wallpaper website called Wallpaper Play.
There's also this blog post - The origin story of the Microsoft ninjacat

I've used this image as a forum sig if you don't mind. Sorry for not asking your permissions beforehand -…
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Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max DLC uses this as it's theme!
And I just purchased a 5' x 6' shower curtain from China with this exact image.. Hope it arrives in good quality..
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I'm sure the random guy bootlegging my art in china appreciates that sale!
I just bought Þe Internet Þe Video Game and þis was þe title screen.
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So this was basically what inspired the Awesome Level DLC in Trials Fusion. :P
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THIS. This is textbook definition art.
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wow, this is like the first thing you saw when you enter the internet in 2000
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LOL THIS IS PERFECT- I just love your work~ <333
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Hey so were you ever compensated by Microsoft for this derivative work?…
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This is Perfection
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Is super Kuwaiti
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My Autocorrect is killing my. I want to say that it's super Kawai.
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EPIC AS F***!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!
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C'est le logo de VodK
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This is in Trials fusion ,dope
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