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Thomas Jefferson Vs Gorilla



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Thomas Jefferson was never much of a warrior history tells us, but yet again history is wrong. This is an image of one of the many attempts by Jefferson to battle all the manliest animals on earth while trying to teach them the ways of America.


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Not all warriors fight with weapons. Jefferson was one of the biggest leaders of the movement of Liberty in all of history. He literally embodied the ideologies he wrote: That All Men Are Created Equal.

It's sad that so many people look at the fact he inherited slaves from his father and say "but he owned slaves! he was evil"

He was one of the leaders of the Abolitionist Movement in the US. All the pro slavery people HATED him, and all the anti slavery folks loved him. Frederick Douglas even said he was one of the most inspiring people in history. It always makes me sad that his reputation is marred by misunderstanding of his life.