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Thomas Jefferson Vs Gorilla

By SharpWriter
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Thomas Jefferson was never much of a warrior history tells us, but yet again history is wrong. This is an image of one of the many attempts by Jefferson to battle all the manliest animals on earth while trying to teach them the ways of America.


Epic Meal time.
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This is epic and funny at the same time XD XD XD
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This is hilarious.
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When you gotta educate the plebeians.
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Thomas Jefferson never Colonized Africa. This is inaccurate. 
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"Look at your man, now back to me. Watch me punch a gorilla, now watch me draft the constitution. Now watch me punch another gorilla!"
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Þis could so easily be a Cold War political cartoon. Just put hammers and sickles on þe gorillas.
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'Murica fuck yeah
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how do u even get these ideas
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So...  Hamilton the sequel??? 
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eat my rights bitch!
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he's punching with his left tho
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i can see the gorilla in background going "OHHH FEEL THE BURN YOU JUST GOT SMACKED BY THE PRESIDENT!!! OHHHH!!!"
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When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to punch a gorilla-
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I hate apes, so this is great.
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ah.... cre--a--ive?
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Your brilliance is denatured and pickled.  I love it.
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Guerrilla warfare
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Let's not go bananas here
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