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The Donald

The man with the golden hair has arrived.

This is the most requested painting to date, I hope everyone enjoys it.

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Apparently people are using this art for Trump's campaign. I find this both amusing and sad.

Ironically, the most peaceful President the United States ever had ... ...

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It appears that one of the crazy bastards that stormed the capitol on January 6th 2021, stole this painting and printed it on a flag that they flew there. Just thought you might want to know, if you didn't already. (lower left corner)


This website is selling them as well.

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Not content with betraying the majority of Americans by way of his failed coup (and most of 2020), Trump has finally decided to betray his own supporters too by saying said coup was wrong. Hopefully the Republican candidate in 2024 will be someone of decency and integrity.

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Amazing work! Please ignore the haters and keep making these!

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Let's face it: They're not "Trump Rallies", they're Redneck Conventions. If you gather together with a bunch of like-minded people, wear silly costumes, express unpopular opinions IRL that you normally only express in obscure online forums, obsess over the celebrity guests, and have vendor tents where they SELL UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTIONS OF STOLEN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, it's basically an anime convention.

I saw a guy who had one of the flags of this draped over the front of his house in my city before the pandemic. At first I thought he might have found it online and paid to have it printed with his own money, but then I saw on TV that vendors were selling them at rallies. The banner has been gone for months now, so I'm guessing that either A) he was one of those natural gas laborers that spend all their money like a sailor on leave because they don't realize their industry is cyclical, and he got insta-foreclosed/evicted before the recession even started or B) he learned that civilized places generally require a permit before they let you build giant, gaudy shrines in your tiny front yard. I forget what else he had in his yard other than the flag. I just remember the flag because I wondered how many Trumpists would be comfortable with it knowing that it came from Deviantart. =P

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reported people printing this as a flag

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There is a very well-done ANIMATED version of this on Facebook. I'm unable to figure out how to save or link it here, unfortunately, but maybe you can find it. It's a GIF.

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Honestly, I remembered seeing this online and just had to look for it to properly Follow and Add to Favourites. He's so fucking cool, and you've really done him justice with this piece.

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With all of the anti-Trump artwork on DeviantArt, I am glad to see someone who shows him in a positive light.

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You realize this is a joke, right?? SharpWriter does a lot of joke presidential paintings.

Forget the Trump Train, here comes the Trump Tank!

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"no derivative works"

You realize this exact image is being sold on pro-trump merch all over the internet, right? Google search "trump tank" and the first dozen results are for shirts.

And if YOU'RE making money off of this? Honestly, fuck you.

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LOVE IT! Will you be doing one for 2020?

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All the details that improve this image and make it more hilarious:

Golden DC license plate

Golden USA flag tank tracks

Queens, NY 69 (nice)

NWO logo

Rolls Royce tank wheels

$100 bills

USA and DToM flags


An eagle with a gun

Big Gulp logo

Howard Stern logo

DC flag with Trump hair

Golden guns
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so bad it's good

i'm a centrist
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Nov 3, he's fucked.

What if he remains?

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