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The Donald
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Published: April 26, 2016
The man with the golden hair has arrived.

This is the most requested painting to date, I hope everyone enjoys it.

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Gabriel3020New Deviant

hey i would love to use this amazing art on a custom t shirt for the 2020 election i was wondering if you could give me permission to use it SharpWriter

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SharpWriterProfessional Digital Artist

Sorry no I already have a problem with bootleg shirts.

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This is my wallpaper.
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Was going to buy this one until I saw the right fist of fascism. Woketardery.
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SharpWriterProfessional Digital Artist

What? You do know Trump was a huge howard stern fan right? You do also know that when howard stern went to sirius he had that logo with a fist and a clear H in it. Look again.

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If this is a parody, it's brilliant. If it's serious, it's the biggest pile of propaganda bullshit I've ever seen.

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60 tons of DEMOCRACY!:flagus:
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Dim432 Writer
We have a Tank with Ron Perlman in a hellboy tank. 
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SvetoslawaHobbyist Digital Artist
Lookin nice
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Love your work with the Presidents! I'm in the USAF and was wondering if I could have your permission to use one of your images on the back of my mess dress formal shirt. Your artwork would be perfect for the event that I am preparing for and I know it would be a huge hit but I didn't want to do it without your blessing. 
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kaieruHobbyist General Artist
Hey there's a clothing company using this on tank tops and shirts. thought i'd let you know in case you didn't authorize.…
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One of those cheater eagles from Far Cry 4
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TheDesertFox1991Hobbyist Artist
There Will Come Soft Rains by TheDesertFox1991  
Good Will To Men (1955) by TheDesertFox1991  
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Favorited. Keep making America great, Mr. Trump. 
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SnowSultan Digital Artist
Did you give permission for people to sell flags and other merchandise with this image at the latest rally in El Paso?
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TheGreatestShenFanHobbyist General Artist
I dislike trump, but this picture is great.

10/10 would wall again. -IGN
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Fujin777Hobbyist Writer
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topher147Hobbyist Digital Artist
Incredible - Fantastic Art Work, I love the detail, well done!

I would of thought Donald Trump should of taken inspiration from your art work here, and announced to the world his version of "Mission Accomplished" (Reference to George W, Bush, on the on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln back in 2003) with him declaring victory over ISIS in front of the US Troops in Iraq? Shame he didn't - Although, there is still time for something like this to happen?! We can only hope - Haha!
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Dim432 Writer
President tanks an new video game take control of former presidents in tanks. 
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AdvanceRunHobbyist Digital Artist
this painting must have made you a lot of money i see people copying this on Amazon. or is that you ?
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Wow.  I just saw the MAGAbomber had your art on his truck of mental instability.  I'm so sorry.  That's an awful thing to be associated with.  Are you doing okay?
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He told The Verge that he was surprised, but check out the comments on his three (!!!) other Trump illustrations; he clearly knows how his work is being received by the President’s supporters. Plus, they were meme-ified months ago and have been bouncing around the rightwing Internet ever since. He can’t admit it to the media for obvious reasons, but my guess is he’s doing a lot better than okay.
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