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Teddy Roosevelt VS. Bigfoot

By SharpWriter
Buy an 11"x17" print of this awesome, and truly patriotic image above, you will support me creating future pieces in the future and you will be also supporting my beer fund and my liver thanks you.



He's one of America's most bad-ass presidents....Teddy Roosevelt. Not only did Teddy Roosevelt give a speech with a bullet in his chest, but what many people don't know is he slaughtered many bigfoot in his time...this is a picture of one of those events.

Jimmy Johns
Fubar, Fubar 2
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This is total madnes! And I love it!

WorldCurrency's avatar

how did I get here and why is this so right

PapaTr0y's avatar

Out of every president you've ever drawn, this one seems to be the most in character with the scenario

uppishcub's avatar

just replace the m60 with a winchester 1895 and you have an accurate depiction of his life

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strange, I feel like every argument I will ever have against anything is already invalid.
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You should do one of Teddy's daughter Alice, she was pretty badass in her own right.
cullyferg2010's avatar
I'd have to say, "Applesauce!".
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This explains why we can't see Big Foot.
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Aw man, why Teddy and Big F gotta fight, can't they be kicking back on the White House lawn smoking cigars and drinking gin?
That's the America I wanna see.
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I think I saw this in a movie once, starring Leo DiCaprio?
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"By Godfrey this will make an excellent mount!" :D
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Capturing history 
So much for harry of the Hendersons.
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I love how you make all my relatives look bad ass.
detectivesambaphile's avatar thought his big stick was a tree branch?
wetblue123's avatar
should've been fighting him shirtless with muslces the size of tree trunks.
How does Teddy have a radiation mark on his belt and an M60 machine gun? For þat matter, why does þe M60 fire wiþ no belt?

Teddy Roosevelt, þat's why.
USAISBEST1776's avatar
They had us in the first half
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So THAT'S why no one's ever found bigfoot! The rough-riders took him out already!
RivisIndigoEmporium's avatar
    Possibly one of our more under-appreciated presidents.  Love it.    :D
warnett's avatar
A badass president in a badass situation.  Love it!!!
NyehHehHehOnline's avatar
Speak softly and carry a big stick... probably my favorite quote said by any president ever
el-cubano95's avatar
Bully for you M.President
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