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Stephen Colbert atop an eagle

So Stephen Colbert is atop an eagle, at the top of an active volcano.

This is for a reddit contest, this would be printed on a t-shirt hopefully.


about 15 hours
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He should be waving the Klantifa flag
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Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please do Trevor Noah
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That guy is a paid off shill who has no interest in patriotism...
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Should have been a close up so you could capture his fucked up ears
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Epic picture, as usual. But he has since lost his mind and gone off the deep end after Trump won. <=\
Artoftheflighhelmet's avatar
I need to get this on a t shirt. I love Colbert. 
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But Stephen Colbert hates the flag
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The question is: Which one dies first? The ticked off eagle, or the ticked off Colbert?
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Colbert for President 2020! 
CavScout8's avatar
He has never shown an ounce of patriotism. Pass.
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Wake me up when the eagle eviscerates that asshole Colbert.  He hasn't been funny since the Daily Show and that's only because he rode Stewart's coattail.
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Says you, he's got his own groove, and trust me, the more he mocks Trump, the more I like him
Thepenguinrapist's avatar
I agree. Colbert is one of my favorite comedians. Stewart merely helped him get his foot in the door while Trump continues to shove Colbert's fist down his throat. 
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He's one of many who are keeping America sane in this dark time
CavScout8's avatar
Country is doing great. Maybe dark times for liberals, but that should be the least of anyone's concerns.
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