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Space Force One Box Set variant

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Coming Soon: Space Force One Playset

Help America conquer the stars. Liberate the galaxy!*

                                                                                  *Element 115 Gravity Warp Drive sold separately

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OliverInkHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm loving it!
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I didn't realize that projecting was so popular...

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ParsnipsingularityHobbyist General Artist
  1. a thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, especially a story with a funny punchline.
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Hell yes, now this is hilariously awesome 
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I got the trump space force comic.
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MattX125Student General Artist
Gasp!  There's a space force comic!  Like "Wall-Might" a parody of My Hero Academia.
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Published by Antarctic press. Mine came with a hat and a signed copy.
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cutelildrowHobbyist Digital Artist
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I'm not pro or anti Trump........that being said this is so damn hilarious.
Hammer-of-war's avatar
Just one step closer to establishing the Imperium of Man! Ave moi! 
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YamaTheSpaceFishHobbyist General Artist
I hope that you're aware that the Imperium is a horrible dystopia.
Hammer-of-war's avatar

I hope that you find your sense of humor somewhere on Uranus...

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KillgaraHobbyist Artist
I love this!
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LoL. It needs a "Batteries not included" sticker. 
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mexico will pay for those batteries
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To paraphrase Donald Trump, "Thank you SharpWriter, very cool!"
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I can see this happening in real life. XD
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DarthLangdonStudent Digital Artist
This is hilarious.
Space marines...
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JMNobleHobbyist Photographer
I bet this is exactly what he had in mind back then. :)
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The-Golden-KnightHobbyist General Artist
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