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June 11, 2014
Suggester said: "This deviation has brilliant lighting and detailing. Ronald Reagan looks undeniably real, it is humourus, and overall it is just a superb digital piece."

Ronald Reagan The Liberator by SharpWriter
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Ronald Reagan The Liberator

Ronald Reagan the man, the myth, the legend. Driving the most the definition of American Muscle how can you get more Liberty into a painting, not much else to say about this.

Download the 1900x1200 wallpaper with the download button on side

Feel Free to share this work of liberty with everyone you know.

Buy an 11x17" print here---->…?
Buy a 24x36" poster here--->…?


Lots of time
Lots of ice tea
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NextLevelArtwork's avatar

This artwork series of yours is amazing. Truly.

BritannicLoyalist's avatar

Tell me that’s a Smith and Wesson Model 29 Reagan is firing, because then that painting is perfect.

Atariboy2600's avatar

Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War in a nutshell.

ZGMF-X42S's avatar

Damn do I want that car!~ Takeshi (Heart Eyes) [V1]

BritanniaLoyalist's avatar

Best president America ever had to date.

Shadowkey392's avatar
now HE was a good president!
furmaster64's avatar
Regan Occupies Kiev, USSR - 1985 Colorized
I'm curious how he is supposed to be steering this car... And why not just shoot out the side window that is only not broken, but is already open. I mean he was even a left handed person, just forced to learn to write with the right hand because schools were fucked up back then.
SharpWriter's avatar
Because its cooler to shoot THROUGH the windshield.

Good answer my man! love it!

SqueakTheDragon's avatar
But the Mustang ain't a muscle car! It's a pony car, bud.
You won't tear down þe wall, he tears it down for you, free of charge!
RavenKnight678's avatar
TavinTheWolf's avatar
I want a mustang now, I wonder why?
DomVrataski's avatar
Wow, how awesome is that? What could be wrong with a Mustang with Reagan driving it? Looks stunning for me.
andimccloud's avatar
This is my new favorite picture of Regan.  Ever.
13en-works's avatar
I want this printed on a T-shirt
brucewenham's avatar
Awesome detail. Is this just PS CS5? Looks too real. Surely that's not all painted? 
heavenly777protector's avatar
this guy was a TRUE BEILIEVER. In other words when he was elected the Soviets were so terrified of this loose cannon they immediatly went to DefCon 1.
StickyFingersMcGee's avatar
when Mr. Gorbachev wont tear down the wall
Beautiful Mustang. Great President.
HeyItsNicole97's avatar
I'm not sure if anyone else noticed and I really didn't feel like reading threw all the comments but I find I really cool that there's a silhouette of a dinosaur and someone riding it on the mountain tops, love it. Considering his other ride is a velociraptor.
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