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Obama Riding a lion

By SharpWriter
When the President talks about Change, he means it. First on the list is all presidential addresses being issued atop his mighty lion while he wields his crossbow and DARPA issued Light Saber.

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You know Obama is a Leo himself.

You know, I hear tell he did spend alot on research for "arrowheads".
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Fuck it.

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Yeah this gonna be a no for me bro.
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🤢🤮 Most pathetic president we ever had.....🙄😑
DeenaTheButterMuffin's avatar

Yeah, Trump is pretty bad 😷

TyMan209's avatar
No he's not! He's recovering everything that Obummer, ever destroyed!
Get over yourself, you know this to be true!
#Trump2020 #MAGA
DeenaTheButterMuffin's avatar

Wow, you are full on "eat a paint chip" nuts 😜

TyMan209's avatar
Wow! & You're a total snowflake! How long have you had your head in the sand? All your pathetic life, I assume? 🤨 Here's a thought: WAKE UP!!!!!! 😡
DeenaTheButterMuffin's avatar

I am up, knuckledragger! I'm not the delusional dipshit living in an alternative reality where Trump isn't a narssistic mental patient 🤣

TyMan209's avatar
Hey everyone, look at this liberal clown! 🤡 Think it knows everything! 🤦🏼‍♂️
Do you want to live in a world full of liberals & democrats that gets ran by ISIS & China? I hope you wouldn't!
Trump is TRYING to make everything right in the world & making allies rather than enemies!
So, yes, your comment is invalid & you are fake news! Hope you have a good pathetic life ahead of you! 🤣😂
DeenaTheButterMuffin's avatar

Lol, the fact that you think Liberals have ties with Isis and China proves that you are an aluminum-hat wearing, "deep state" conspiracy theorist, and I don't know if you're aware of this, conspiracy theories aren't factual information, look whose spreading the fake news, good job man, congrats 👏😂

Listen here dumbfuck, Trump is helping HIMSELF, he could give a FUCK about you or anyone else on this planet that isn't his daughter-wife.

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Appropriate Islamic imagery.
Thepenguinrapist's avatar

What Islamic imagery?

NightLigt's avatar
I...I'm not spotting it...where?
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Hey man, I don't know if you are aware but your paintings are being used in brazil without copyright for president Jair Bolsonaro, he is an extreme-right politician and is leading our country to a new dictatorship, wich he is totally explicit about it, I mean, I don't even know if you care, but I find important for you to know. 
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Obama: my fellow Americans I have been away from being president to become the badass-est president in time I first got this lion named it sweetums then i found a lightsaber at Disney world and find a crossbow for good measure. Now i am glad to inform you i will be your president again
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Trump talks change too
Zesanacktor's avatar
He doesn’t really 
makarosc's avatar
Changing things back to the great Depression! 😂
Zesanacktor's avatar
Lol nope. He’s done good for the American people.
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