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Obama Riding a Lion Poster

When the President talks about Change, he means it. First on the list is all presidential addresses being issued atop his mighty lion while he wields his crossbow and DARPA issued Light Saber.

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So unrealistic. How's he gonna reload that crossbow if he's holding a lightsaber? Wake up, sheeple!
grim-puppet-demon's avatar
change, never looked so good
MayEsdot's avatar
Should have been a liger.....
The-Lord-Apex's avatar
This need to be a shirt, someone get on that shit.
DanNFL's avatar
After you side with the dawnguard.
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thormanoftunder's avatar
Yes he can. Can fuck America.
WesGuthrie's avatar
Amen! Thank God for Trump! #SmashTheState
bogexplosion's avatar
Maybe the next painting sharp paints should be of Trump playing the 4D chess everyone keeps screeching about.
spudman98's avatar
Or maybe just getting his ass kicked by the 44 presidents before him, from Washington to Obama, because he is the WORST
bogexplosion's avatar
Lets be real, Andrew Jackson committed genocide, Nixon and GW Bush committed war crimes, and Obama opened the gate to robot armies, And $parked a new nuclear arms race with Russia. If anything, the golden god is another jimmy carter with an R at the end of his name.
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Our only hope to actually make America great again, especially with how Trump is treating the country he's supossed to run badly, is a leader who thinks about the people over the rich, my vote is still for Bernie Sanders
bogexplosion's avatar
well, we can think shillery clinton for robbing us of that opportunity.
(BTW, i did vote for her, and she lost, And I was never delusional enough to believe 
she could win)

The DNC is controlled opposition at this point.
DeadACCNoteForNewOne's avatar
Yes. Yes.

RitaCarlin's avatar
This is just about the best thing ever, and so are your other presidential portraits. Rock on.
RebelJan's avatar
fucking awesome!
Dreampurr's avatar
He will be sincerley missed on my end, now we're stuck with a dumb orange ape
spudman98's avatar
With tiny hands, a tiny dick, and a tiny brain that has more problems to the point he needs to be lobotomized
RebelJan's avatar
a dumb orange ape who makes pussy shapes with his lips
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