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New Clean Presidential Seal


Once I become President of the universe I will design something this awesome for my seal, until this I figure America could use this. Maybe some new Presidential candidate will adopt this design. Get this as a poster and impress your friends with your love for 'Merica.

Get a 11x 17" Print of this to adorn your wall here-> [link]

Get a 24x36 Print of this to adorn your wall here-> [link]
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Best seal ever!!!
Supajames1's avatar
This is the most hardcore American thing I've ever seen.
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Hell yeah! great art work.
grisador's avatar
After the man in the high castle; this would make a perfect alternate history TV series !
Donald-Trump's avatar that the Halo Legendary difficulty thing? Mario stars? Needs more dollar signs for me to use.
Shernod9704's avatar
Our glourious leader!!
Hettman's avatar
Made legitly laugh!

Not too far off with this crest!

This one would be more truthful then the current one!

But of course copyright trolls wouldn't approve of it!
You forgot to give the stars smiles.  Interesting.

Merganser's avatar
Maybe you could change the text "Give Me Liberty or I Will Give you Death".  Wow, just Wow.
Truboo42's avatar
But that would be misquoting Patrick Henry.
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America plays on Legendary. I should have figured.
can i use this and other picture of the presidents on a youtube channel, just wanna hear sorry if i offend  you 
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America plays Legendary Mode!
Michael-Taylor1134's avatar
Dude, If Im Ever Elected President, This Is My Seal Of Office.
                      Bad Ass Doesnt Cover It!!!!
PsychoGemini's avatar
I don't know what we have to do, but we NEED to make this happen!!!
Ranney84's avatar
I would be overjoyed if this was the presidential seal. Truly bad ass.
Michael-Taylor1134's avatar
Not With This President.
K-D-Bryson's avatar
New Desktop Background. RIGHT HERE ^
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One question, is there any way you can get this into an adhesive decal in various sizes? Say for laptops and such?
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