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More War commander Character art.
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Tell me this doesn't look like Rachel Maddow. Fo on. Try.
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how excellent is this :D :D
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very good art work, and makes me think of Shadowrun 5th edition for a table top rpg i play. like i can see this being a scientist or a black market guy doing experiments on people. either way i love the artwork and might use it for a character.
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im saving this as a background
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Just so damn Good!
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Wow awesome! Love the teeth, hehe :)
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Zechariah Kane, the man who resurrected dead soldiers in Undead Harvest. That was a fun mission. :)
That's awesome! The level of detail is beyond any expectation. There's just a lot to look at in this picture!
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War Commander?
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Anyhow,all your stuff is really damn good!
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Congrats, you got cool :iconbadassplz: badge for this creation in :iconwhispermewish: group.
This is badge for most coolest art in our group.
You can find your art in Badge-COOL folder.
This is your 1st cool badge. Collect 10 of this kind and your avatar will be in our Cool-Badges folder forever. :iconcool-smileplz:
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NICE! One of the very few works on dA that exhibit real quality!
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I love love LOVE your attention to detail. Looks like he could just hop off the comp screen!
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I like the way the light plays off the lenses.
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Wow, the amount of detail in your paintings are astounding!
I'm really looking to improve myself when I see such rich artwork =)
Keep being awesome!
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really nice detail.
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How long does it take you to do character art
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All depends, this one took around 3 days so around 24 hours roughly. Its huuuuuugggee somewhere around 7000px at 300dpi-ish.
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