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John F. Kennedy Alien Hunter

By SharpWriter
In 1963 after the alleged JFK assassination John F Kennedy was sent the moon to be the first man to walk on the moon. This was kept secret to us and we were made to believe he was assassinated on November 22nd 1963.

Upon arrival his mission was to clear the moon of any alien life to make future moon landings easy and safe. He lived on the moon for 26 years hunting and slaying aliens until NASA lost communication....his death has still not been confirmed however and many believe hes still murdering aliens today.

**********Get an 11x17 print here------>[link]
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that is awesome

communist: we chose to go to the moon

capitalist: i chose to go to the moon

just joking jfk is one of the best us presidents that exist

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Kennedy on robotic unicorn on the moon, because why the F**K NOT!

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The Sky's The Limit. But not for Ken.
tremendous imagination!  awesome work here.
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This is one small step for man and one badass trot for freedom!
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Possible copyright violation. Someone is selling this design at as "Astronaut Riding a Unicorn"…
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haha i love that he is smoking inside of his space suit
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Holly sheet, I love it. 
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Epic picture. It's really good.
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i havent used deviantart in ten years but after seeing this, im glad i came back. thank you so much
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'MERICA, one suggestion. Maverick and Goose from top gun inverted flying by him. In space of course.
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Who else noticed Wheatley in the Background?
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Love the cigar ... Awesome! 
And love the Cyber-Unicorn!
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The real reason for the space program.
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I had this as a background on my phone in was awesome!
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Finally, someone telling the truth :D
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