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Iron Yang 2020

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By SharpWriter   |   
Character  Andrew Yang

Jointhe YangGang with posters here:

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MakutaChroniclesXIIHobbyist General Artist
This Andrew Yang/Iron Man crossover is pretty interesting.
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This is the best thing on the Internet now.

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sadly this will never happen now
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MarscalebHobbyist General Artist
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How glorious! Would you do one on Boris Jonhson and Brexit? There's a lot of potential for humor. 
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DTJBHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh god. Laughing 
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Apparently someone's been selling this design for some time now...?…
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Love the cupholder feature.
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I wanna post this to Trump's subreddit and see the shitshow it'd cause.
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Might have the opposite effect, I'm a die-hard Trump supporter and I think this is fantastic! We tend to be able to take a joke better than the left, lol.

Great work as always SharpWriter, Very creative and funny, keep 'em coming!
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MakutaChroniclesXIIHobbyist General Artist
And yet I like both Trump and Yang, so why?
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As always, ya can't get better than SharpWriter for political memery!
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TheFurriner794Hobbyist General Artist
I knew Trump had superpowers
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Legal shrooms 2020
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Not a Yang Gang Man but this awesome lol
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Thanks for giving me a high quality laugh!
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TricellBunnyHobbyist General Artist
Best campaign ad... ever
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Everything you draw is a treasure.
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YankeeBlueJeansHobbyist General Artist
MODOK 2020 :D 

Great work. 
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hellionpieHobbyist General Artist

can't wait for those neet bux boys. totally not just bribing us with money to vote for him.

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ICEFALCON29Student Artist


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