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April 22, 2011
SharpWriter's Presidents series reaches an epic climax with George Washington ZombieHunter. Never before has a founding father kicked so much ass. Note the sweet tattoos and patriotic pants. An amazing glimpse of history (as it should have been).
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George Washington ZombieHunter

George Washington was known for many things...Being a great general, Having wooden dentures (Okay they weren't really wooden, Cutting down the cherry tree, and being nicknamed the Destroyer of Villages. But what many don't know is he was an avid Zombie Hunter, this is a picture of one of his many adventures out into the night to give some Liberty and Justice to all.

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I promised everyone I would do something more epic then the last, hopefully this works for you guys.

Pizza and Nachos
Trailer Park Boys
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28118's avatar

He never cut down a cherry tree. That was ironically a lie made up by an author wanting George to be a role model for kids.

Shanglon's avatar
Kill'em all! Be sure to shoot the head though XD

Congratulations for the DD :)
rhunel's avatar
Nice!!! Congrats on the DD!!
SteveEarlJones's avatar
George Washington, leader of the Bro Force.
pperelman's avatar
George, come back and hunt Trump's zombie hordes! 
MadaiTalmai's avatar
How about hunt the ANTIFA, SJW, and BLM zombie hordes instead.
Surdy78's avatar
I'm sure he did :)
williewildcat's avatar
If Abraham Lincoln can slay vampires why not have George Washington slaying the undead?!!?!?  Jack Tripper (Yes!) - Icon 
Wisebrightboy's avatar
They should be Zombie Redcoats
LiamSchaub1's avatar
I some on asked me what America stands for. 
I'll just show them this image.
Hammer-of-war's avatar



Donald trump deal with it make america great again 
LiamSchaub1's avatar
I = if 
on = one
laughingfood's avatar
He wasn't outgunned, outplanned, but he was outnumbered, outmanned.
georockdude's avatar
So digging this one too.  Crazy creative dude.
ToxicHolyGrenade's avatar
SharpWriter, have you ever heard of a Zompire, a Necroborg, and a Zombie Lord before?
lady-warrior's avatar
I guess while Lincoln fought vampires good old George was dealing with the walking dead. 
DorofeyVolk's avatar
George Washington killing zombies for freedom :D
Follower117Has's avatar
Uncle Sam taking it for the team!
If this was satire....damn man you are hands down the best revisionist of history ever.
JESzasz's avatar
 "I grant you all...mercy".
Can I use your Trump image to put on a t-shirt?
Botsboy408's avatar
The OG Zombie killer
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