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Feel Free to share this work of liberty with everyone you know.

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You have to read that title like a Pittsburgher

Was [I]The Terminator[/I] franchise an indirect influence? The reason I ask is because of the bald eagle's glowing red eye.

I have just found this original art and I am overwhelmed. Absolutely spectacularly beautiful. I would like to address a point made by another in these comments. This image of Washington with the minigun has been spread far and wide on the internet, but only in an altered form. I searched for a couple of hours to find the origin before reference to this site appeared. I was dumb founded to discover that the original contained the visage of George Washington.

The altered forms are all with the face of Donald Trump. I found no other face until I found this page. Now, you have been encouraged to fight back, in the comments here, because they think you have been damaged by unauthorized substitution of Trump's face in place of Washington's. I think the opposite is true. Your work has been chosen as the pallet to honor a new President of equal exceptionalism as George Washington.

The anti-Trump crowd resemble the anti-George Washington crowd that now calls for statue removal and name changes of streets, towns, and mountains. They demand the erasure of our history based on misunderstanding and misplaces anger about our history.

This may be beyond your desire and contradictory to your artistic acumen, but I would ask, and likely for the same reasons you chose to create that Washington-with-mini portrait, to create a similar, if not a duplicate mixed historical style with President Donald Trump as the subject.

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I Think The Most Awesome Part Of This Pic is the Fact That The Mini Gun has a Revolutionary War Bayonet attached to it
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All of a sudden I'm having flashbacks of BioShock Infinite...
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Reminds me more of Fallout.
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Reminds me of home
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Our country doesn't this kiddo but nice try lol!
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Bad ass.  Nice Pic of my great Grand uncle
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Land of the free, home of the BADASS!
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*PLEASE READ!* SharpWriter your art is being stolen and shared.
You have been tagged on Twitter because this piece of art work has been manipulated by person(s) unknown, replacing the face with Donald J. Trumps face and being spread all through the internet. Copyright awareness is imperative, if abused it's punishable by US law, as I am sure you must know.  I appeal to you to make an attempt to find this person(s) and/or report it as stolen. Request Twitter and other social media sites to remove this image. Suggest you google image search, because all images are subject to copyright, and demand it to be removed. Lawsuits could possibly arise from this, especially where Mr. Trump is involved as his face image is being used without his express permission. Might I also suggest that you place your copyright/trademark/watermark on your previewed works in a more approprate place for example: lightly blended over facial features? (I have learned to do this also) and I know it's a PITA...but it will at least slow them down and think twice about messing with our artworks.(if you scroll back here, you will see another heads up re: this same issue.) Wish you the best and I must say, your work is quite good. K.
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Here comes the general!
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wow!  Love all of these!
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America the beautiful
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pfff this is so epic
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Now THIS is one of the top color choices I have seen!
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AWEsome.......... :D
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First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of the fan base.
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