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George DUBYA Bush

The one and only George "Dubya" Bush riding a shark out of the back of airforce one. This has been my number one more requested President.

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he WISHES he could have been this awesome!
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This is the Coolest thing I've ever seen.
LarioLario54321's avatar
Who's your Daddy Now?!?!
Rikkoshaye's avatar
Does he have a coke nail? xD
Psuedonoms's avatar
Getting baked and stumbling onto this stuff. Life is good right now. 
He may not have been þe brightest, but he shall always live on in our hearts.

-Eulogy after þis piece
MYCO8721's avatar
ride a shark if you're gonna drop on water. That .......actually makes sense lol.

Amazing work.
IIDarthVaderII's avatar
This is just gold.
BARNEY17666's avatar
Smoked too much kush
L0rdNuT's avatar
RoBerTa-talia's avatar
Take this, Putin.
RhianMapping's avatar
He rides a bear through the forests of siberia.
RoBerTa-talia's avatar
And Dubya a flying shark through the sky. That's next level!
nilescclover's avatar
reminds me of sharknado! great job!
wheres the tnt strapped to the shark lol
henpitts's avatar
Sharknado part 2
jeditoby's avatar
With the cowbell? Bold move, Mr. President. Bold move. Pity about the hat, though. 
GENERATOR10X10's avatar
AMERICA!!!!!!!!! YOLO!!!!!!!!!!!
Heromachinist's avatar
Clearly an Air National Guard shark.
Make one of Mr. Bean shooting at those egyptian dog faced dudes
gregstrange's avatar
I dig your style allot.
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