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Album art for D'Treezy's Debut album "Quid Pro Quo?"

Get prints here:

18x24" Poster Prints:…

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Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Windows
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The-BradeHobbyist General Artist
This shit is so surreal, am I on drugs?
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Mercer-FreyHobbyist Digital Artist
Of all the cars, you choose the Allante.

Absolutely flawless.
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Hey SharpWriter, can you also do something on Boris Johnson?

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Razorbill1Student Digital Artist
haha! brilliant ! 
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In showbiz exsit two personalities. There are Heels, and there are faces. People forget he has been a Heel his whole time in the spot light for 50+ years before he even became the Prezzy. He had a whole show about firing people, he dosnt care how he comes off but gets the job done. A refreshing take that is fun to watch people go crazy over without even realizing that heel angle. 
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This makes so much sense.  At one point, he was friends with Vince McMahon ... I don't know if they are still friends.
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“. . . he doesn’t care how he comes off but gets the job done.”

lol It’s amazing how blind fans can be in the face of their idols.
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Dont assume, I have no idols and im not a fan, and although I wear glasses im not blind. But he does go after the goals he sets forth. Not all have been fufilled, but not from a lack of trying. And some have been delayed but he still got them done years later. 

People might not like his goals, they might view his promise of pulling out of the Paris deal or certifying the pipe line as the WRONG thing to do, but he did say he would do it and it got done. Which to some is a good thing. Its easy to separate political groups into an Us Vs Them, and that is bad for both sides. 

I dont like everything hes done, but there isnt a single president that I voted for that I totally agreed with. But he does ruthlessly hound on the things he says he will and thats better than most. All it takes is looking past the first few pages of google to find better information about it.

I hope you try to ask others for clarification before going to immediate passive aggressive comments over the internet. It will rub off on your real life. Practice makes perfect after all.
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look's pretty good.
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OldieButGoodieHobbyist General Artist
HELLO! ....

FIRST, your 'artworks' are BRILLIANTLY done ....

Second, the above reminds this OLD human
(who HATES "POLITICS") of '2' things:

(1) "Ya' GOTTA LAUGH Or You'll CRY" ....

(2) BELOW: SMILES ....

SARCASM by bls35mm

My BEST to YOU and YOURS ....

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MarscalebHobbyist General Artist
Don't tread on deez nuts!
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thormemesonHobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm I think the dog should be Conan
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The best. I put you on reddit if that's okay:…
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I've noted before that Trump is somehow not a national security leak; everyone who matters knows that he's a compulsive liar, and therefore doesn't listen to anything he says.
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Your work is always amazing.
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