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Bill Clinton the Lady Killer

By SharpWriter
Bill Clinton is a red blooded American. He likes guns, burgers, and women. When those are threatened by any foe foreign or domestic he will take up arms to defend them.

Get a 1920x 1080 Wallpaper here---> [link]

Get an 11x print here ----> [link]

Get a 24x36 Poster print here---> [link]

Many Revisions and many hours have been dumped into this.
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© 2013 - 2021 SharpWriter
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Great art!!

This art is inspired on the cover HQ of Conan?

ps: sorry about my english.

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He couldn't fight his way out of a Burger King.

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"He likes guns"... Are you sure about that?
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Google the word "Ironic" you might figure out what I was going for.

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This is the most american thing I have ever seen. I'm shedding tears of pure patriotism.
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God every time I look at this I notice little things that I missed before, like Ronald McDonald shooting a gun in the background. This shit is amazing. 
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wild bill and monica 
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this is very nice
also clinton is cool
He's also one of the biggest piles of walking vomit on the planet, and married to another one.

Unfavourable opinions on the Clintons aside, this is magnificently drawn, coloured and shaded. Disappointed I didn't know about your gallery sooner.
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like most US presidents

you have to be a " piles of walking vomit on the planet" to get that position.
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that's... that's interesting.

Also, amazing art!
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Lol a mac 10 and mc Donalds in the background, is it intended?
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This just remind me with "Viva la Vida or Dead and All His Friends" album artwork
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Dude this is supee cool!!!!
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Haha, his pants being undone is a hilarious touch.
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Except for the fact that I'm not sure that guy even deserves the attention, this is an epic :D
Terror Billy Clinton

If you get þe reference, I'll make you some of my grandma's sausage balls. (Disclaimer: Not a sexual joke)
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Ted you changed man
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Where's Epstein's pedophile island? And where's it show the Clintons getting him off the hook after traveling there?
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LOL Ronald McDonald in the background!
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