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Andrew Jackson Alien Slayer

In the year 2055 the world was invaded, humanity sat on the brink of destruction the world governments united and sent agents back in time to get the best general we'd ever known...Andrew Jackson and throughout his life he did a lot of cool shit, dueled people...a lot which is how he ended up with a musket ball in his chest pretty much exactly like Tony Stark.Went to war, gambled, etc etc .

This is a war portrait as he stands victorious in yet another battle.


Get a print of it here-->…

Be sure to check out the other Presidents while they last:……


Photoshop CS5
The Sopranos
Jimmy Johns
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Great artwork, terrible person.

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Amazing artwork of one of my least favorite presidents.
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Phenomenal work, very inventive and if this were a film, I'd watch the hell out of it!

Lmao Doomguy Jackson

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Still better than "Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter". That was an actual movie by the way.

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America's worst president..for he forcefully removed the native americans...and with him slaying Aliens..makes him even worse.
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Im in love with this.... thisis amazing in so many ways.
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America's Most Deadliest president ever.
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New Mega Man X character leak!
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Is he carring a head of a protoss from starcraft two?
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You have to love his composure, not a drop of alien blood messing up his uniform.
DeathInAPinkBoa's avatar
I think he was more keen on slaying natives.
Hammer-of-war's avatar
That's already in the title. ;D
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Are you going to do one for Jimmy Carter??  I'd like to see that.
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Iron-Jackson, Alien Slayer. Sending 'em on a trail of tears.
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I think the man himself would approve
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His listed regrets when he left office:
A) He didn't kill his VP
B) He didn't duel his Secretary of State

Also, he lead a pirate army against the British in the Battle of New Orleans.  Craziest president we've ever had; this picture does him justice.
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Dude. I fucking love these.
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