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Abe Lincoln Riding a Grizzly

Support America, and by America I mean me creating me more of these pictures by buying an awesome print here.…

Enjoy this piece of historic and accurate work.

Old ass picture version here--->…
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This is possibly the most American thing I have ever seen, except he doesn't have a cheeseburger or an eagle.

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How does one achieve this level of America?
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Being level 7,004,1776
(July is the seventh month)
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Your argument is invalid.
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'murica! AWESOME!
Slavery is so unbearable.
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Bonnie is a Boss (Chat Icon) 
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Never seen Testosterone-Filled-Patriotism as a drawing before but Ill take it.
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"We have one job for you Mr. Lincoln. Go to the White House. You'll know what to do."
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And that is why the North won!!
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I've seen everything now.
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Now that's what i call Bad-Ass
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Very straightforward title. :-)
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These are all really well made, Good Job!
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I prefer presidents who didn't drive the nation into civil war.

The founders of this country would destroy both parties at this point though. Swamp congress.
Happy birthday, Lincoln! You were Mars' greatest king!
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