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Abe Lincoln-RELOADED

When the Matrix was rebuilt "The One" was very different, it was Abraham Lincoln, and through the many battles with Agent Boothe the final outcome mankind has yet to be decided..... That final battle has yet to happen but Abraham......He's begun to believe.

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I think Bill & Ted put him up to this... LOL.

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Anyone else remember when MAD TV did "LINCOLN: And His Timemachine"?! He went through the past, to keep trying to kill John Wilkes Booth before he grew up. He failed like seven times and then Booth kills Lincoln ONLY because he knew Lincoln as the mad bastard who kept trying to kill HIM. Priceless. Back when the Saturday Night Improv shows were actually still funny.

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Show got cancelled from paradise lost, are you pissed with me, if not vote Labour

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The real Abraham Lincoln story
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XD  hello i'm the one lol. Brilliant work. Funny stuff. You've just got yourself another fan
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Haha Nice!n I love it!
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heheh, I found the random one in there
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wait are these digital art drawings they look like it but im not sure?????????????????????????
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Dare I say, the president we need?
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My class read a book thing about him today xD
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Ladies and gentlemen: the REAL red pill.

Red Pill (emoticon) 
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this is so old lmao
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Well they say he's a Vampire Hunter, if he could take on Vampires he could take on Agent Smith.
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You are a slave, Booker.

Born into a prison you cannot see, or taste or touch.

A prison........for your kind.

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Very good. A must-watch. 9/10 on IMDb.

(Seriously, though, love the attention to detail here)
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