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Oh, wow....beautiful and deep at the same time.
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Rainbow Dash Blink Icon If only there was a house of enchanted books...
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Hey be careful what you ask for. I saw Power Ponies....
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I don't like your art but I do at the same time.

your art frustrates me because it does not make any sense
Your art is always really cool looking at the same time. 

brain is like "what do?"
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Well you could always ask I guess :) I just wrote a little thing you might be interested in reading! Thanks for sticking with me!
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LOL cuz I totally commented on it before you sent this. 
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Awesome vivid colors! :thumbsup: 
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Very interesting, like this style. Dash of the abstract with good use of colour. Well done /)
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Your works are always so intresting to explore. You seems to be the only artist, that I can share to my non-brony friend without remorse. What do you think about making online stream one day?
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That's awesome! I will strive to keep you free of remorse. I've done streams before, and I've thought about doing one again lately. You can find sped up videos of some older pics here if that interest you :)
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the cherex and wild sage songs fit well together, but all i can think of is that she's studying the wild taurus manual...
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Thank you! Welcome to DeviantArt!
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You're welcome and thank you!
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