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Hello People! I'm Sarah! {Preferably called Sharpie} A little about myself: I am 5'4, blonde hair, blue eyes. I swim for two teams. I'm in 7th grade and I swim for a highschool team, Seniors 2. My best time is 32.51 seconds for 50 yards.

"My motto in life, laziness acheives nothing, get up and live to the fullest." -Zak Bagans

Favorite Episodes:(in order)
1) Poveliga Island
2) Bobby Mackeeys
3) Goldfeild, NY (2004 episode)
4) Ancient Ram Inn
5) Brookdale Lodge
6) Eastern State Pennitentary
7) Poltergist Prisons and Haunted Hotels
8) Scariest Moments, parts 1-5
9) Tooele Hospital
10) Viscilla Axe Murder House

My name is Zak Bagans, Lead Investigator of the Ghost Adventures Crew. I never believed in ghosts until I came face to face with one. So I set out on a quest to capture what I once saw onto video. With no big camera crews following us around, I am joined only by my fellow investigators, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin. The three of us will travel to some of the most highly active paranormal locations, where we will spend an entire night being locked down... from dusk until dawn. Raw; extreme; these are our Ghost Adventures.

"Heights, snakes, and creepy-looking dolls... those are on Zak's top three I-don't-like list."
"AHH! It's the scary Christmas room!"
"I wanna jump in the water right now."
[X] When your brother paints your nails better then you.
[X] You eat something different than food. (dog food, paper, etc.) (uhh.. maybe paper)
[X] You chase your dog, other than your dog chasing you.
[] You yell something in a different language and someone across the place laughs hysterically.
[X] You pretend your shampoo is a hero and your hair is an enemy. CLEANSING POWERS ACTIVATE! (lol)
[X] You admit your a nerd.
[X] You say a celebrity is hot and your boyfriend thinks your cheating. (don't worry, we figured it out. :) )
[X] When you act like your smarter than you are.
[X] When you read something before you fill it out.
[X] You are challenged to a LARP battle. (Live Action Roll Play)
[X] When you watch your brothers speak in a foregin nerd language. (HAPPENING NOW!! e.e)

Mood: Neutral
Listening to: Skrillex- First of the Year
Reading: Zak Bagans; Dark World
Watching: Ghost Adventures
Playing: (or swimming) A Swim Meet
Eating: Sloppy Joes
Drinking: 7-Up
I will be thirteen, yes, thirteen on Tuesday! I'm so psyched because I'm getting a Ghost Adventures Tshirt and A Zak Bagans Rocks Tshirt! Alsoo.. you guessed it! A TOBUSCUS Sweatshirt! :squee: :iconzakbagansplz: :iconnickgroffplz: :iconaarongoodwinplz:
One thing you should know about Zak is that he was bullied as a kid because of his weight. And even though he grew up and changed his body for the better, he may still hold on to some of the feelings of being picked on like that when someone is just joking around with him. The only way his mind still knows how to deal with things like that is to take it seriously I'm sure. I do the same thing. He always has fun times, but he still holds all of the seriousness and hate inside of him, not wanting to let it out on his crew/family. But I love him anyways.
I am an online artist and offline. On Deviantart, I draw with daMuro.
My creations mostly come from music. I use music to help my focus on the mood of the art.
What's your art helper?



It is a dark and stormy night in front of Toby Turner's home. The grass is moving uncontrollably, trees are bending. When that all that happens, Toby is happily plucking keys on his keyboard. When, all of a sudden, his computer shuts down and won't restart.
"GOD DANG IT!" he sputters into his headset. He throws the headset off and walks upstairs. He opens the refridgerator to find, his food is gone.
"Okay, I know I'm lazy, but not quite THAT much. I would get food.."
He stops and raises an eyebrow when he hears the doorbell ring. He slowly and precautiously walks to the door.
The door opens slowly and he sees Gabe.
"Gabuscus! How've you been?!" Toby asks nervously.
Gabe groans and looks at Toby quizically. "I'd be great if you LET ME IN! I'm soaking!"
"Oh, right" He let's his wet friend in. "What brought you here?" Toby asks quietly.
"I saw someone leave your house as I drove by. I was wondering if Sean or Olga was here again." Gabe shakes his sopping wet coat off.
'Uh oh.. who was here...' Toby thinks to himself. He hides it outside by laughing casually.
"Coffee or tea, Gabe?" he questions his friend.
"Coffee, but try to make it before eight o'clock if it's Eight O'clock Coffee! Otherwise I'll die in your house!" he laughs nervously.
Toby laughs with him and walks in his kitchen and leans on the counter in abrupt shock.
'Olga or Sean.. they're both still at E3.. Who wouild be here.. I-' A shadow passes over him and he thinks nothing of it. Mybe Griffon was finally awake. His thought is cut short as he sees Gabe in the reflection of the window.
"G-Gabe?" he stutters. His friend is coughing and sputtering on the floor.
"Get out *cough* of here Toby!" he screams.
Toby, being the slight of the place, grabs his friend by the shirt and drags him out.
"Oh no.."
He looks in his house to see a dark hooded figure.
"Get out of my house!" he yells.
"Why should I leave a fellow rivals house?" PewDiePie leans over and lights Toby's living room on fire.
"NO!" he grabs PewDiePie's head and throws him to the ground.
The enemy of Toby unsheathes a sword and....

Hello All!
Yes it is true I am the number one FANBUSCUS ever.