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Welcome to :iconsharpenededge: SharpenedEdge

In this group is all Art collection.

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Rules and Folder Explantions

You can find the Gallery rules in the link below.

One submission per day.
We as a group prefer not to deny anyone's work.  However, work that offends the majority of the staff will be declined immediately.
We will continue to move pictures that are accidentally submitted to the wrong folder, but please help us and keep it to a minimum.  Your help is greatly appreciated.
We will continue to encourage you to share your voice with us and keep this group a popular group.  This group is for all of us. The idea is to have some fun and enjoy each other's wonderful artwork.
                                   THE FOLLOWING WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
1. FOUL LANGUAGE : It is not allowed in the title, description, or in the submitted artwork.  
2.  DEMEANING or LEWD GESTURES/ RAPE SCENES or SEXUAL ACTS: This includes pieces that we feel are

You'll find the Gallery Folders and their admissible content for each folder in the link below. If you have any question please contact us by sending the group a note, or one of our administrator's. We will respond as soon as possible.

Gallery Folders Explained

If anyone has any questions as to which folder is the proper folder, there will be more detailed information within the folder itself or you may send us a note, we will be happy to guide you.

These are pictures that I and/or the Staff have chosen to display.  No one is allowed to submit to this folder.  If you have a recommendation that is not your own but a recent submission found in our galleries, send us a note.  The pictures may be displayed indefinitely. We will try to showcase as many different artist as possible.

Land/Sea and Skyscapes
Any medium will go in this folder.  However, no sketches or line art.

Nature/ Wildlife and Domestic Animals:
Wildlife of any sort, domesticated animals including pets, any type of nature .  All mediums are welcome in this folder.  Remember if man made it , it doesn't go here..


Thanks for your generosity

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Gallery Folders

A Magical Dream by Thelma1
Wolf portrait V by BeckyKidus
Lynx portrait by BeckyKidus
Don't let your dreams be dreams by eReSaW
Fractals Abstract
154 Arrival by jarvuffin
153 Tower of Babel II by jarvuffin
152 Last Day of Golden City by jarvuffin
Tension Surface by batjorge
Animation or 3-D Artwork
Healing by jagged66
Portal: Still Alive by jagged66
Path to the Apocalypse by jagged66
Operator Pod by NikolayAsparuhov
Architecture, Cities, and Transportation
City of Bottles by FrerinHagsolb
CRUMBLEDEN visual: My Pixel Odyssey #14 by scarloxy
In the Distance, Seeing the Whole Picture by AnthonyPresley
Findings in Chicago by AnthonyPresley
Captains Toyship - Euderion Cosplay by Euderion
Seven of Nine - The Raven by Euderion
Seven of Nine Cosplay by Euderion
Cosplay : Tharja by Abletodoall
Craft Sculpture
Adopting Felix the Bear by SewManyTeddies
Turians by DeathMystery
Brewing by KanchanMahon
Little Martha by spb-masters
FanArt - No Manga or Anime
I'm Delight'd 'Cause I Got You (FT1) by DreamerNekoInu
Heavy Transport Arctodus by Euderion
Quit Being a D--- to Him (FT2) by DreamerNekoInu
Study time by Kboomz
Sci-Fi-No Drawing or Painting
Novel Cover 4a by pyraker
Jarl Palace by Archalos
Hybrid15 by pyraker
Cerberus Science Ships - Geneva class by Euderion
SOLD | Thrash Metal by CinnamonDevil
Just a Little Monster by Si-Efil
Adrien by WillardStilles
blue depths by R9A
Painting drawing digital or traditional
[WIP] lagoon lady by fumstix
The woods' secret gathering by rollarius55
Commission: Kisho the Demon Fighter by Tenno-Tulia
The spectacle of spring II by rollarius55
Manga and Anime including Manga and Anime FanArt
Magnificent Unknown by Yeraa
Portraits-photography only
Study time by gb62da
People- phography only

Mature Content

Ptelea reborn by gb62da
Cartoons Comics
WOTM-CH03-Demonization Page 03 by Foxy-Knight
Land, Sea, and Skyscapes
Viking Palace by Archalos
Nature , Wildlife, and Domestic Animals
Time To Bloom by isischneider
Happy life by SaFram
Food And Drink
Fork Splash by MateuszPisarski
Still Life
Banners of alliances Lv1 by Cheza-Kun
Stock, Adoptables, Tutorials, Misc.
The other side by Sergiba


Thanks for your visit

And thanks for your support
and helpful suggestions :thumbsup:
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