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Fursuit tutorial P5: furring

By Sharpe19
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A long overdue continuation of my tutorial. It's brief, but you get the idea. If you have any questions, go ahead and note me. The next step will be trimming and putting the ears on. Working on Part 6.

The head is a commission from :iconroadkillonroute3:

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PLEASE tell me you didn't use an actual fking skull to do this. I can't find part one or whatver to this so I don't know. But PLEASEEEEL:KSFHDGJLKH tell me you didn't use an actual skull to do this.

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i have been looking for this fur color may i ask where did you get it?
Sharpe19's avatar
Local find, sorry.
lebell32's avatar
ahh ok its fine. mine was a local find as well my fabric store was selling this color but they now no longer sell faux fur which sucks
jazzybeeboi's avatar

If you need any help with finding fur, i get mine from spotlight, though they may not have that near you. I actually used a fur blanket for my suit, since its cheaper, and i think the texture more suited her (no pun intended)

IamWarriorChristain's avatar
Where do you buy your fur?
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I was just wondering, shouldn't the pattern go down sticky side up (or to be easier, put on a piece of paper, cut out, and paper side up)? Because if you put it down on the backing, it will make the same way on the backing but when you cut it out it will be mirrored, such as if you taped the left cheek it would come out backing side to the right cheek and fur side to the left cheek.
Sharpe19's avatar
If you take one side and flip it, using both sides of the tape for the pattern, you will end up with a mirrored pattern :)
Anotherjackal's avatar
Ah, okay. I assume that's what you do since your masks are so symmetrical? Also, do you have any tips on furring around the nose? I have done it before but it takes me a few tries to get it to not stick up and all that jazz.
Sharpe19's avatar
Try gently rolling the fur's edge under itself. It will help give a nice clean edge.
Anotherjackal's avatar
Thanks a lot, sharpe! ^u^
MorbidCheshX's avatar
omg whered you get that shade of blue? I can never find a shade like that DX
Duskwither's avatar
Using this for my next mask!
Tirami's avatar
It's very vwry cool *0*
and very very nice *0*
UniformRabbit's avatar
So is the fur stitched to the foam or does it just slip on like a glove? Visually I feel there is a step missing between 6 and 7. Overall great tutorials though!
Sharpe19's avatar
You are only stitching the fur to itself then gluing down the edges (a.i. lips, eyes, nose, etc.)
graypaw300's avatar
Why is it that my duct tape severely sticks to the foam? Is there something special I should do?
XspottedclawX's avatar
you could wrap it with cling film first, then tape over the cling film? You'd have to maybe use long pieces of tape so it doesnt fall off while you're doing it :3
Sharpe19's avatar
Some times certain foam is lower density so it'll stick to the tape. A higher density is preferred but it is possible to work with a lower one. Just work it carefully and if there's a large hole left where the tape was, fill it back in with some more foam.
DokiDoki-Kitsune's avatar
i was wondering what would be the best way to fur the head?
cause im having trouble with trying to decide on mine^^;
Sharpe19's avatar
Make a duct tape pattern follow the tut and hand sew it. Gluing is quick, but sewing gives you more control and if you do make a mistake, you can redo it. Glue, once it's on it's on.
DokiDoki-Kitsune's avatar
hmm yeah okay i'll try that thanks for the help=D
Sharpe19's avatar
I hope that helps.
extorpid's avatar
I should do this some time XD

I just throw on random chunks a fabric... and it looks okay, but still.. gotta at least try to be more professional. XD XD
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