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Fawkes Blaziken

Been meaning to get pictures of the for a long time. It's been done since January. There's some things I'd still like to do like make a much more showy tail and do a little more fitting with the body. Definitely know I need a hair cut, didn't realize the ends were sticking out. XD

Head made by Nathow111 on, updated and upgraded by me. New hinges, fan, sealant on the beak to add a gloss to it. The rest of the suit is also by me. In the process of converting the seams from a single stitch to a double stitch and serged. Resin claws with scales that flex are just some of the features. Debut convention was Con Jai Na in Ann Arbor earlier this year and will be taken to JAFAX 2013 and ACEN 2014.

Blaziken character and design owned by Pokemon/Game Freak/Nintendo
Original design by Nathow111 on DA, cock spurs (spikes on legs) by :icondreamvisioncreations:

Video :D
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Wow ! Such a cool fursuit you made ! Love  Heart 
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AH! Found ya. I got to see you at AlmaCon 2015 and ACen 2014. I was the girl in the green wig (Claret from TeahouseComic) that you hugged when we were both leaving. Loved to see you and hope i get to see you again soon!!
This thing is AMAZING... I'm not normally a big cosplay fan, but the detail work on this is incredible.  The folds and scales of the feet and hands, the way the talon extends on the back of the foot (I assume the person wearing it is standing on the pads of their feet), the feathers on the head, the absolutely crazy details of the face and eyes, the way it looks like the eyes take up the majority of the 'head', as they do in predatory birds... even the spurs and the little tuft of a tail in back.

  If I ever get lucky enough to see you at a Con, I'm going to have to get pictures in person.  Preferably with a Pokéball...
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You should see the updated version as its had several edits since this. Namely some slight muscle padding, airbrush blending, and reworking of the feet.
  I would love to.  Is it in one of your galleries?  I dug around for a bit but only saw this version of the mon-suit and the process of its construction.  Love to see the upgraded one!

Two things though... 1) I didn't realize until recently that this is the color scheme for the Shiny version.  Derp.  2) Is it physically possible to do the swept-back 'head wings' present on the 'mon, or did you find it to be impractical with how it would just bump against things and whatnot?
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Some shots I think are in the 'conventions shots' gallery. As for the original design, it's a bit silly to me to be honest. The size is a hassle, the weight would have been strainuous on the wearer, and atorage would have been hell :p
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hi, just wanted to say that i saw you at shutocon this weekend and you looked absolutely incredible! you are so talented and it was awesome to see you in character the whole time. keep it up!
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Thank you kindly! It was my first Shutocon so I'm very pleased at how it went :D
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now THAT is a realistic pokemon.
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It's beautiful! I wish I could get a suit as gorgeous as that, especially with the Cherry Blossom Festival coming up.
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Oh, my goodness! Were you the Blaziken we saw at ACEN 2014 on Saturday? This costume was a m a z i n g!! It was one of my favorites from the con! :iconchitandaneplz:
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Thank you!! I was indeed. Definitely going next year!
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You're welcome! I'm super excited to hear that! ^^ I can't wait for next year's ACEN.
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Incredible work!  Love how the hands and feet were made.
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Your work is absolutely STUNNING. It's amazing talent like yours that make me want a fur suit! :love:
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WOW WHAT A AWESOME Blaziken pokemon fursuit that i have seen keep up with the good work
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hellomy name is Abbott... i'm looking for a little advice. sense you make costumes your self i'm hoping you can help. i'm making a werewolf costume and i'm working on the body part now. all in all it looks fine, but the mid section is shaped weird. it keeps poofing out and making me look rinkled and fat when i move. have you ever ha this happen to you? if so how did you fix it? thanks for reading, hope to hear from you.
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Darts are needed it sounds like. If you google how to see darts, that should help :3
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thank you very much :)
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i am plaining on makeing my crow suit can you tell me how you made the feet i want to make mine like that, ty
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oh my gd, that's awesooooomeeeee!!! :'D
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Yep, this costume does the character justice.

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