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Took the opportunity yesterday to take shots while making a dtd.

1. Have your victim in comfortable clothes, make sure they have used the bathroom, and put a movie on. I like doing a good layer of plastic wrap between the person and the tape.

2. Start taping rings around key circumference areas. Above and below the knee, upper and lower arms, wrists and ankles, hips, various chest points, etc. this helps when stuffing.

3. Proceed to tape, making sure the tape is good and smooth. Have them flex those joints, taping any stretches or popped areas. Tape over bent joints ensure proper wiggle room. Arms and shoulders, have them put their arms up, back, forward, and so on while you tape. Tape the limbs with small strips, making an X pattern on chest and back. DON'T WRAP SKIN TIGHT. Wrap it a comfortable tension, but don't cut off circulation. Too tight and you risk not only stretching the tape and distorting the persons actual body shape, but it makes it very uncomfortable for them and risks the bodysuit later not properly fitting right.

4. Once they are all taped up and all is good, take a darker tape, remake your circumference rings, as well as lay a strip down along the seam you plan to cut. Take a marker, draw out your seam. ADD HASH MARKS. Proceed to cut. Cut only the tape and plastic, not the clothes!

5. Once free, hold the dtd up. See any thin spots? Add a layer to those areas. All good? Proceed to tape and stuff!

On someone 5'9 and 135 lbs, it took one person about 2 hours and 3 rolls of 60 yard tape.

I suggest this method as so far its produced the strongest dtd that won't stretch. Far too many times I've had a dtd come in that stretched when it was being removed cause the wearer had stretchy clothes on before. I made my dtd with this method and it's survived 2 years so far and several bodysuits.

Hash marks and the darker tape will help keep things in shape, keep things lined up, and provide strong joints to work.

Many thanks to :iconpizzawolf: for letting himself be victim for this!
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