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Body suit patterning: A how to with tape

By Sharpe19
Self explanatory. This method can be used for everything from digi-grade, planti-grade, full suits, quad suits, satyrs, and more. There are MANY ways to make a fursuit, this is just how I do it.

Part two: Patterning and cutting out the fur. I don't know if I will be showing sewing as there are many methods to that as well and my current sewing machine is not exactly a prime example of a good suit sewing machine.
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How do you add the fur to it?
FangCipher's avatar
I'm gonna make a my little pony fursuit do you have tips on how to add hooves onto a dtd? Also how do you cut the pattern for digitrade legs? Sorry about all these questions :0
Axikor50's avatar
Awesome!  Can't wait to see part 2!
IamWarriorChristain's avatar
I know this post is really really old but I have a question and I think this is a good place to ask it! I'm currently wring on a body suit and I'm wondering if it's okay/good to blur digitigrade padding directly to the suit to keep it in? Or should I do something else?
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You can attach the padding directly to the body :) I normally make it removable for easier washing.
IamWarriorChristain's avatar
How do you make it removable? If it's not a trade secret >w<
Sharpe19's avatar
Number of ways you can do it. Pockets, pillows, pouches...
IamWarriorChristain's avatar
Okay, Thank you! I really didn't want to glue the foam to the fabric because I have a tendency to recycle costumes a lot >.< Thanks for your time! 
unicorin's avatar
Thanks for this!
basenjiboy's avatar
this is super helpful! Thankyou!
phantomthief713's avatar
Thanks for posting!!! Big help :)
Redd-wulf's avatar
Now that I'm calm and can think straight, what is the purpose of the plastic wrap?
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You cannot pattern straight onto the duct tape as it will stick. I use this same method when making my own dtd. Saves clothing and prevents me from standing in a room in only my skivies once the tape and clothing is cut off.

Keeping the patterning tape from sticking is one thing it does, strengthening the pattern and making it easier to work with is another. You don't have to use plastic wrap, but news paper, garbage bags, etc. can also be used. Just some layer in between the tape and dtd.
Redd-wulf's avatar
That is really clever. I hope we'll get more tutorials from you. Every time I see something from you like that I seem to suddenly learn so much. I wish for the secret to your amazing ears. >.>
Sharpe19's avatar
Now that's a secret that will never be revealed ;)
Redd-wulf's avatar
*facedesk* But whhhhyyyyyy? *faceTHROUGHdesk*
I shall become a super villain, and I will come, for the SECRET TO YOUR EARS!!!!
Sharpe19's avatar
Just come to my streams and you see me make them all of the time. LIEK ALL THE TIEM!
Redd-wulf's avatar
WAT?!?! >.> Bollocks, I've never seen such things!
Really, though, those ears are EPIC and I want to make some. >.<
Sharpe19's avatar
If you've hit any 'furring' streams chances are that I did make some. Don't worry I'm not out of streams. I've got a few felines to make here in the upcoming weeks.
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...I didn't think of doing something like this when I made my suit... easy.....
I hate my life.
Redd-wulf's avatar
I just...but...but...*cries* :stupidme:
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