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Launchpad is rather cool and awesome, Mrs. Beakly is is also rather interesting, but also lovely, Webby is is cool and lovely, Scrooge ...


why am i like this? by MurdocGShep why am i like this? :iconmurdocgshep:MurdocGShep 2 0
You have to post all the rules
Answer 12 questions you have been asked and then create 12 questions for people you tagged
 Choose 12 people
Actually tag these people 
:iconfirerikuri: Questions
1. If you could do anything you want, what would you do?
travel to america 
2. Who is your favourite movie character?
elsa, rapunzel, General grievous and more
3. Who is your favourite actor/actress?
    Selena gomez , Ariana grande 
4. Would you rather have world peace or no world hunger?
World peace
5. What is your favourite movie?
     Titanic , tangled, twister, 
6. What is/are your favourite song/songs
miley cyrus we cant stop , rihanna songs
i have alots of favourites 
7. Do you prefer Marvel or DC?
8. Which is your favourite Marvel/DC( Whichever you chose above) movie?
my favourite marvel movie is thor , hulk , iron man
9. Would you like to be a mythical creature?
10. If yes: which one? If no: why not?
it wou
:iconxxsparkle-rosexx:Xxsparkle-rosexX 2 2
Such A Cute Nut by JessicaPedley Such A Cute Nut :iconjessicapedley:JessicaPedley 11 14 Season 21 Apology Impossible (alternete) by Champ2stay Season 21 Apology Impossible (alternete) :iconchamp2stay:Champ2stay 4 0
Flat Earther builds Rocket
So, I didn't know the Darwin Awards were back.  But apparently, we've got a Flattard who wants to find out if the Earth really is flat.  With a steam powered rocket.

Gordon's gotta get in on this.
I wish I was joking.

Yeah.  This guy was a stunt limo driver.  Who jumped flaming hoops in a limo.  So, he has some balls.
He believes the Earth is flat because well, his reasoning is somewhat sound.  And it really has to do with well, only a certain few have actually been in space.  A small number of people, a selected group have gone into space, been onto the moon, and this space travel has been controlled by either the government or Elon Musk.  Regular folk have to find other ways to prove that the Earth is round.  I use the lunar eclipses because sorry, Flattards, lunar eclipses cannot happen on a flat Earth!
This guy at least wants his view challenged and is
:iconghostwalker2061:Ghostwalker2061 4 9
You Wot m8?

Could you repeat that, please?  I got something stupid in front of my screen!
Just bask in that question for a moment.  Just bask in the stupidity of that question.
So, this flattard is asking if the American Government can BEND FUCKING SPACE TIME!  And yes, it's tagged with Jerainism's name.  Because that fucking retard won't ever leave.

Yeah, that asshole.
You guys wanna hear one of his videos?  I'll grab one.
Behold!  A shit load of stupid!
I mean, all this guy is, butt hurt that he can't go out into space like all the smart kids.  Seriously!
:iconghostwalker2061:Ghostwalker2061 4 11
The Ghostwalker Treatment
Tired of the same look for your favorite character?  Want another take on it?  A fresher idea?
Then give it the Ghostwalker Treatment!
Tired of the same old Deathwing always looking the same from artwork to artwork?

Never showing any variation to the character?
You know...this...

Always a giant roaring dragon in flames.  Nothing else.  And well, the ending of Cataclysm doesn't make any sense at all!  And you know that Blizzard is just turning Warcraft to shite!
Give him the Ghostwalker treatment!

Now he's cute!  And huggable.  And apparently, bangable to a few of you.  Gotta love that beard!  I know Alexstrasza seems happy with the Ghostwalker treatment.  Ghostwalker Treatment even fixes that whole Illidan thing too!
What about that wyvern looking Smaug?  Sick of him?  But also still don't quite like the Rankin-Bass version either?
:iconghostwalker2061:Ghostwalker2061 2 4
Silicon Valley needs to Go
Yeah, I agree.  That little tiny bubble shouldn't hold so much power over the fucking world!  The people who killed Alex on the internet...they sit in their comfortable California bubble, they're rich, they have great jobs...and they have no idea how the rest of the world runs. They don't know the pains of what a poor mother, regardless of race, has to go through to feed her kids.  They don't understand what people who live in crime ridden areas have to go through. 
They don't understand what it's like to live in the Rust Belt.  Or the very, very poor South.
They need to go.  Because the very idea that tiny little bubble who have no idea about how the rest of the world lives and breathes, gets to dictate what we say and what we can post or not...I'm sorry...but that power needs to be taken from them.  Social media companies are probably the only companies that truly do need to be crushed under the First Amendment and be brought to heel.  They hav
:iconghostwalker2061:Ghostwalker2061 7 10
August did not end on a high note
Actually it crashed and burned.
I just recently had a very nasty car wreck.  Really upset about it, but I'm kinda physically fine.  Just emotionally stressed.
I've had my Focus for 11 years since I bought it new off the lot, never had a wreck at all!
Then...that happened.  So much for a winning 11 year steak.
To distract me, I've decided to return my thoughts to Gordon again.  He's been the distraction for anything bad that's been happening.  Dunno why.
So I watched this thing.
Oh good, the video is back!

Yeah, so that happened.
Fixing my car is gonna be a bitch though.
:iconghostwalker2061:Ghostwalker2061 1 21
She-Ra pov from this old Fan
Okay, I'm gonna now talk about this damned thing.

I don't know about what it is with the SJW crowd, but they feel like they just need to take things that we now 40-year old people used to watch as children and fuck it up!
Because that's how old the target audience is now that used to watch She-Ra: Princess of Power when they were kids.
This woman who is heading this project in Netflix, wasn't the target audience for She-ra or He-man because she wasn't even a zygote when both were on.  This was 12 years before she was even born!  She never grew up with it, so how can I expect her to truly do any respect to the character, other than throw her SJW bullshit into She-ra because the original that I grew up with...looks too FEMININE!
Never mind that She-ra was actually more powerful than He-man, had a very bad assed origin story...probably one of the most original, and despite looking like a voluptuous, super-powered
:iconghostwalker2061:Ghostwalker2061 5 22
Original Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger by Yurtigo Original Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger :iconyurtigo:Yurtigo 6 0 Kyoryu Gold Helmet Line Art by Yurtigo Kyoryu Gold Helmet Line Art :iconyurtigo:Yurtigo 6 0 Kyoryu Gold Helmet WB by Yurtigo Kyoryu Gold Helmet WB :iconyurtigo:Yurtigo 8 0 Kyoryu Gold Line Art by Yurtigo Kyoryu Gold Line Art :iconyurtigo:Yurtigo 6 0 Kyoryu Gold by Yurtigo Kyoryu Gold :iconyurtigo:Yurtigo 7 0 Mugman doing Disco dance by MarcosPower1996 Mugman doing Disco dance :iconmarcospower1996:MarcosPower1996 10 0


Disney has just released an new trailer for Mary Poppins Returns, and I am pleased that much like the first Mary Poppins film, it will again have an live-action/traditionaly animated sequnce, and we also get scenes featuring Angela Lansbury (who played Eglantine Price in Bedknobs and Broomsticks) and Dick Van Dyke.


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Lorcan Wooster
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
A adult born on the late 1990s, who was a ex-Harkipedia user, an Whovian, and a fan of Anthony Ainley, Hugh Fraser, Stephen Fry, etc. Since June 2016, I have been doing TF stories, some of which included some characters (such as Pterano, Louis, Dragonzord and Daijinryuu) who were never depicted in TF stories, until I came along. My favourite PR series is Power Rangers RPM, and my favourite PR Red Ranger is the RPM Red Ranger. My favourite Super Sentai series is Engine Sentai Go-Onger which is where I have an soft spot for Go-On Red, who is my favourite Sentai Red Ranger.

I Love The Voice Trumpets Stamp. Only for VT fans! by SebbisTurret

Dan the Man fan by DANIOTHEMAN


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