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Update: Added better shoes and increased the butt.

I normally don't post my art publicly, but I felt this one was good enough.

This is my OC, Quet. I recently edited this picture to give her a bigger and more realistically proportioned bust, and I plan to give her a larger ass too, soon. She is a Shadowblood, a race I made, and unlike most females of her race, she has rather large assets, which she takes pride in.

Please give me your thoughts in the comments below. I really like feedback.
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Quet huh. Curious about her. What defines a Shadowblood as in their traits and all?
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I wrote a whole fictional documentary, but basically, they feed on darkness. Their faces are literally masks made of bio-metal, but mouths do exist. They can turn their fingers into claws. They could even be considered youkai in some sense, due to the the first one I ever made (FoxMask) having one based off of a kitsune. I can tell more. I have more works in my I haven't uploaded.
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I'm actually interested on this. It's quite an interesting prospect. And I am a fan of oppai lol. Note me?
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Sorry for not seeing this sooner, but nice job here! Very cool character design, the glowing neon blue parts of her outfit are really pretty and contrast well with the black.

Also, is that a mask she's wearing or does her face naturally look like that?
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Also, the latter. That is indeed her face.
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Didn't know you were into hyper.....
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It's a fetish for unnaturally large boobs and genitals.
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I kinda like the idea.
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It's always a turnoff for me.  It looks painful.
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Birthgoji better like

"I don't want any of this"
Really good pic though
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You actually posted this on dA...
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Yes. I feel it was good enough.
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