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3405 | Starscream


"I have been a fool, made mistakes, monumental ones. I now understand my place in this universe. Starscream, aligned with no side, servant to no one."

3405 Starscream| Legendary mountain ballator stallion|UPFA pit fighter

2018 Drawlloween Participant Ribbon by ReQuay  Boxer Badge by EquusBallatorSociety    Legendary Level Badge by EquusBallatorSociety

 right side design | Stat tracker spreadsheet | ID 3405  


ID number:  3405
Name: Starscream
Name meaning: N/A
Nickname(s): Screamy, one-eye (if you have a death wish)
Species: Equus Ballator  
Type/breed: Mountain Ballator (draft/light)
Age: 17 years
Sex: Stallion
voice actor: steve Blum 

Physical Appearance

Description: Starscream has a light body frame, like a warmblood type. His manes are quite short and wispy due to wear and tear and he has slight feathering on the backs of his fetlocks. A few small scars on his body, and one large one over his damaged eyes. Horns are very thick and sharp. Usually wears something to cover his face:
Height: 17hh
Genotype: EE aa nD nZ nSty nT nSb LpLp(PATN2roan) nAtn
Phenotype:  Silver sooty grullo tobiano sabino semi-leopard appaloosa (carries archetian) curly mane mutation 
Rarity: 17 (medium/uncommon) +1 dun, +1 sabino, +1 tobiano, +2 semi-leopard, extra horn set +2, extra set spined +2, lone horn +3, horn colour +2, horn shape +3 (spiral and spined)

Items and blessings

Proof of PATN2 to add semi leopard:… and…
Poof of extra horns:…
proof of curly mane mutation:…
proof of addition of genes via aether:……

Items and companions
Ghoul companion…
adds +1 Attack Strength and +2 strength to be distributed as the owner wishes for every full-body image.
Bone crown:…
+2 strength and +10 Denarii per full-body drawing when the horse is drawn with it.
bat companion:…
+2 gaits per fullbody
dog companion:…
adds +1 speed and +2 intel to be distributed as the owner wishes for every full-body image.
hare companion:…
adds +2 stamina to be distributed as the owner wishes for every full-body image.
custom companion:…
adds +3 general stats for a fullbody drawing
bear companion:…

companion copy paste:
Dog: +1 speed +2 intelligence 
Bat: +2 gaits
hare: +2 stamina 
custom companion: +3 general stats
Phoenix: +4 general stats
Jackalope: +3 general stats
Ghoul: +1AS, +2 strength

Armour x1:… and…
Bloodlust x1:…
Studded shoes x1:…
strength potion x2…
fang goads:…
x2 armor:…

Stats and rank

Stat Total: 7724 (Legendary)

(7724 stats have been confirmed for breeding , sept 2019, will pass 3862 stats to son/daugther and then 1931 stats to grandchildren)

Stat Total: 7724

  • Gaits: 71
  • Dressage: 39
  • Jumping: 250
  • Intelligence: 2335
  • Stamina: 1884
  • Speed: 1354
  • Strength: 1662
  • Experience: 8
  • Attack Strength: 121

Attack strength and stat tracker:…


[Intelligent - having or showing intelligence, especially of a high level.]  
A trait that is goaded by his insufferable arrogance to those he sees as inferior - Starscream is one of the more cunning and intellectual ballators within the ring. His sly and cunning plots to ascend to power are dangerous to the unaware. Smaller, thinner and at a physical disadvantage to some of his opponents in the pits, as he has gotten older he has switched tactics into preferring to exploit weaknesses and use guile and speed rather than use brute force to win. 
He considers himself to be highly intelligent, more so than a lot of his human handlers over the years and will openly disrespect and manipulate those who cannot stand up for themselves or match his level of wit. Learning from the mistakes of his youth, he is less likely to dive head first towards opportunities for power and instead waits for the chance to act on his ambitions or for somebody to unknowingly do the work for him. Despite his many obvious flaws, he likes to speak highly of himself and rewards his own logic with occasional outbursts of gushing about his state of worth, given his less than stable morals. He also has a very vast vocabulary that he likes to insult other ballators' insolence with. He uses his superior intellect to swindle and make impossible deals with other pit fighters, only to stab the majority of them in the back when they are unaware and he has no respect for any being he considers inferior, be it other ballators or creatures of prey. 

[Cold - lacking affection or warmth of feeling; unemotional.]
Starscream has always been an apathetic and cruel stallion, but he became vastly more ruthless and cold since the encounter with Hannibal that left his half-blind. He is more reluctant to make deals and bargains and is more pleased for watching inferior creatures suffer like he did at the jaws of the Lowlord. He is unemotional towards his victims and is only sorry for something once he is caught in his masked state of cowardice and begging for his life. He will dish out mercy on the rare occasion, but only if there is a superior deal to be made that would benefit him. Moreover, he is not above killing to get what he wants given his deep hatred for his superiors that he keeps hidden under wraps. Although he has ambitions to lead, he is usually less than successful and trudges through his fights with his rude and unappealing manner. He isn't sympathetic to anybody and much prefers to address the suffering with dripping sarcasm and cruel rejection. Not even 'associates' or relations are spared from his cruel, unemotional attitude. His lack of his compassion towards his daughter, Arachnid, is what has lead to her deep-rooted hatred of him and her preference to overthrow her father rather than work alongside him the majority of his time. He is almost just as uncaring towards his loose acquaintance, knockout, who is usually more concerned with his own physical appearance to care. 

[Pessimistic - tending to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen.]
Starscream's mental stability has decreased substantially since his encounter with Hannibal, which left him as a pessimistic, rambling maniac. He both dwells and frets over the looming presence of Hannibal, using bones or armour to cover up the horrific scar slashed across his face when he was struck by the lowlord’s unholy fire. He implements different measures to implement his safety and secure his crumbling reputation using armour and bones, one such piece is said to be the skull of a victim, a smaller ballator who’s crown he wears on his face to protect his crumbling horns. At times he is childish and arrogant in the face of danger, only to become cowardly and pleading the next moment. He grumbles and gripes incessantly about his own mistakes and grudges, widening his persona as the crackpot in the ranks. Additionally, he is very superstitious and blames a lot of unexplained instances on the workings of malevolent gods, cursing their forces in secret and droning on about how warped and unfair his life is. 

[Ruthless - having or showing no pity or compassion for others.]
Starscream is a ruthless, violent individual, especially towards those he considers himself superior to. This is the case inside the pits when he has a weaker opponent, and will mercilessly taunt and main his opponent, trying to gore them on his armour or spiked horns.  He buries the reality that he is a coward amongst some of Hannibal’s strongest followers in the pits and only seeks to inflict pain and misery like that he himself has suffered. He finds enjoyment in watching other fighters' incompetence or misery and spends a lot of time bullying the human handlers, finding it amusing when the weak two-legs run for their lives ducking under fences and stall doors when he puffs up his manes and bares his teeth. His behaves this way during hunts, incessantly harassing and intimidating prey before actually going in for the kill, also wanting to employ guile and speed to attack rather than brute strength. 

[Untrustworhy - not able to be relied on as honest or truthful.]
Few ballators are more untrustworthy than Starscream. Often, his scruffy facade and thin body littered with scars put other ballators unaware to the scale of his threat. Not as strong as other stallions of his species, he makes up for in devious plotting against his peers. He has the ability to make himself seem appealing in his cowardly, weak behaviour - but he is more than capable of backstabbing his fellow con artists if there's something in it for him, being an opportunistic hunter. It has happened before that his plans of backstabbing his superiors have failed, leaving him begging for mercy with a false promise to redeem himself. He's got a very large ego underneath his exterior shell, placing himself on a superior pedestal to those around him - he often exhausts the patience of others. 


In terms of origins, Starscream is a ballator that wasn't supposed to exist. He was born of two ballators with different backgrounds - his dam a domesticated ballator and his sire a feral, free-roaming stallion who had learnt to sneak into stable yards in search of food and other ballators. His mother and father would meet often and it was on one particular foggy spring morning when the grooms found the mare in a far corner of the pasture, a thin, leggy grullo wobbling on newfound legs at her side. Being unplanned, with a questionable lineage, there were no plans to keep Starscream, but they didn't want to forcibly take him from his mother, at least until he was weaned. His mother was strong and proud, and so was her son, so they would inevitably clash as Starscream grew older and began to question his mother's morals and orders. Starscream did once meet his father, and still strangely considers the older, wiser Solanum Nigrum as probably the only ballator he will ever respect, having admired the brave hunter as a colt. He doesn't see his father as somebody who had wronged him, and he seems to have inherited his fathers sly and cunning nature. However, his sire, Nigrum, was reserved and good-natured and his son's cunning nature only twisted further as he was sold away from his mother on bad terms, his brattiness turning into envy.

In fact, his hatred towards anyone other than himself only grew as he was passed from owner to owner, going from professional establishments to backyard breeders as he was repeatedly sold due to his aggression and poor temperament. As this continued, he blamed both the humans and other ballators, for abandoning him and shunning his potential. This downward spiral continued until he started to attract the attention of recruiters for the Underground Pit Fighters Association after starting to secretly take his aggression out on other ballators. Illegally sold, Starscream was dragged to an underground auction at age 5, where Starscream first met Ryan. Ryan was a foul man, a youth as blunt as an old tooth with ambitions left in the gutter. Though the rude and often drunk man had friends in high places - he was a colleague to some of the richest hosts of the UPFA board. He owned a small plot of land aside from his small, cluttered house - a questionable stall and a dilapidated round pen - and it was to become Starscream's home. Not that the stallion admired his handler. He just became barely tolerable of the man once he was introduced to the pits. It was somewhere where he reigns and establish control. Somewhere where he could vent his aggression and cruelty and he would be praised for it. The more compliant to the allegiance he became, he was also taught how to hunt and he came to enjoy the sensation of thrill from killing lesser creatures.  He slowly started to coexist with Ryan, for the sole purpose of control and conquering. However, one day, Starscream's conquest for power met a different turn, when the stallion decided to make a deal with the devil himself during the realmwar.

Both afraid and drawn to Lord Hannibal, Starscream joined his army - afraid of the lowlord's power, yet tempted by his relentless rage and power. However, Starscream took a gamble and was struck down by a furious Hannibal on his quest to hunt aether's warriors. Starscream managed to survive, but the lowlord's fiery rage had scorched the entire left side of his face, leaving only marred skin and an eye rendered useless aside from seeing basic, distorted colours and shapes. Starscream survived the realmwar with a glassy eye and a scar like flames, but not before being bestowed a parting gift by Hannibal. A lowrealm ghoul to forever haunt him and follow in his shadow. Abysus - an undead amalgamation of prey animals with the purpose of stealing into his calculating mind. He returned home from the realmwar, cutting himself off from any ties apart from the UPFA, swearing to only make deals that will lead solely to his success, making himself a servant to no cause other than his own. He is now more bitter than ever over the loss of his sight and sees only happiness in causing cruelty and misery. Swearing not to repeat his mistakes, he protects his marred face with a crown of bones, or a metal faceplate and shows little mercy to any of his opponents.

At age 10, blessed and damned by the Gods and sporting fully grown manes and horns - Starscream broke away from humankind during a pit match gone wrong, breaking away from Ryan and disappearing into the undergrowth. Dodging fruitless attempts to capture him and human civilisations, he spent time roaming the forests and swampland, looking for old pit competitors and naive followers that he could easily bend to his will. Also occasionally coupling up with mares only for the encounters to end moments later with barred teeth and raised manes. He met several 'possible' allies on his journey, such as ex-pit fighter 2475 VSS Uictor ex Colosseo (megatron), whom he agreed to help form his on-off alliance, The Decepticons. The underground group consists of ex-fighters and ballators that have broken free from the imprisonment of man or the Gods, coming together to form a movement and belief system outside of the Gods Ares, Aether and Hannibal. Megatron brought new followers to the group (coming soon) by promoting refuge from the blight of mankind and provide hope for those that have what it takes to survive. Starscream plays the role of treacherous subordinate within the group, biting at Megatron's heels for power and manipulating the other members of the group into following his plans and favouring him over their leader. 

The only 'occasional friend' he would probably admit to having would be 7122 | Knockout, whom Starscream tries to manipulate into becoming his right-hand man for overthrowing anyone who stands in his path. Knockout isn't as sure, he just internally cringes at the number of scars and scuff marks on Starscream. Knockout doesn't really add any muscle to Starscream's already lacking party, but he's the charm and he's somewhat of a medic, someone to patch him up after his disaster plans. Yet, knockout knows well enough that Starscream would happily trade off his trust for something better as soon as he could. 

Knockout is the only comrade that could earn Starscream's appraisal, however. He plots with envy behind Megatron's back and hates the other stallion in his rank 7093|Dreadwing with a passion. Dreadwing has tried to destroy him several times in the past, and Starscream revels in the fact that Dreadwing is bound by the orders of his superiors that protect Starscream's skin. Starscream openly mocks the more honourable stallion that sees him as a traitor and a deserter. He came close to killing his rival once prior when he allied with daughter temporarily to settle old scores. 

However, his firstborn daughter 7147|Airachnid is one of his greatest regrets. He'd had several flings with mares in the past, but Airachnid was the first of those occurrences that came back and nipped his flank. His daughter was ambitious and naive as a filly and had sought him out as a role model but grew increasingly cruel and apathetic through Starscream's ill-treatment of her. She turned against him when she had barely reached adolescence, turning on him in a fit of rage after one of their many squabbles and leaving him with a few new scars. Since then, Starscream has considered her to be one of the greatest threats to his life and keeps a constant eye of her whereabouts as she slinks in and out of his life. He has been known to work alongside her occasionally, such as on their failed attempt to pick off 7093|Dreadwing , but the majority of the time he disregards her as his spawn and treats as a rogue that possesses a huge threat to his position. 

Another individual he met on his travels was the introverted 3804 | Otia whom he travelled the swamps and bayous of Louisiana with. He remained in that area for a long time, hoping that the presence of Otia and his Witch sisters would ward off Dreadwing and Airachnid who were seeking him out separately on their own revenge quarrels. However, he wasn't quite as crafty and adapted to the conditions as the swamp dwellers, which left him open to the threat from humans. After wandering too close to human civilisation in search of food, he was brought into the possessions of humans once again and due to his physical limitations and cruel temperament, he was sold to a rodeo for individuals seeking the thrill of danger that they couldn't get from using a standard bucking horse. This BHS run event  was where he was not only forced to become a bronc horse but where he first met 4125|Tiacapan, a feral mare that had once be apart of the legion under circumstances like his own. At first, Starscream saw Tica as a pleasing ally, someone who shared his cunning enough to help him break out of confinement. However, once he became free once more, he discovered that she had become infatuated with him and couldn't rid himself of her advances. Given his selfish personality, he only entertains her affections if there is a benefit for him. Perhaps a part of him does take responsibility and care for her as a 'leadmare' but that is overshadowed by his desire to get what he wants and seek protection from his enemies. When he continued to seek out Tica, it was for the deterrent and strength she brought. Despite protesting ignorance towards his previous offspring, Starscream began to become driven by the idea of a predecessor to become his pawn strong enough to protect him in his ageing state. Tica, whom never strayed too far away from his presence, was happy to aid him if it meant she would earn his appraisal. 

After a short amount of time, however, Starscream began to be swayed by different goals. His cruel, selfish personality had already created too many enemies and he had already destroyed the relationship with his one daughter who used to be his only protection. He began to realise that he was weakening with age, and the prospect was frightening. Making allies was difficult and time-consuming. He had Tica who was wholly loyal to him, but he would need more protection than that. The idea came to him that he could use foals for protection. He decided that raising soldiers out of his offspring would create fiercely loyal allies that would protect him at all costs if he played his cards right. His immediate choice was to have foals with Tiacapan, but she struggled to conceive, which left him frustrated and threatening her that if she didn't conceive soon: he would look elsewhere. 

Waking up one morning and finding her gone, he believed she had deserted him. Days later, she returned, with a small colt following as closely to her heels as possible. She presented the colt to him as his son, and believing that nobody could ever be as deceptive as himself, he still believes that 7873|Asher is his son. His disappointment and frustration soon moved from Tica onto Asher as the shy, fearful foal continued to underperform in his eyes. His attention soon abandoned asher when he and Tica had two more children, and he ignored the oldest colt completely. 

8011 Balrog|Reference and 8012 Nightwing|Temporary reference. A rare stroke of good fortune for Starscream in the form of a pair of healthy twins. As Balrog grew up, he became Starscream's go-to prodigy. He grew to be the brute of the family, quiet but formidable in stature and strength. Nightwing is the spare, although her manipulative and vile ways remind him a little too much of Airachnid. But before either twin grew strong enough to become his personal protection from the outside world, there was his estranged son 6994 l Behemoth. Starscream isn't really sure if Behemoth is his son or not. He had too many mares in his time as a prize fighter to tell. He saw the soft brute's willingness and help and his inexperience with living wild and decided to offer him something he couldn't refuse. He would hunt for behemoth and keep him fed, as long as the naive behemoth protected his foals for as long as necessary. 

credits for 3804 Otia and 2475 (Megatron) to Fade--Touched and Scifi-Centaur BHS belongs to Dragonwarlordess6994 l Behemoth belongs to weewight 



------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: 294 Candendo Frons
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire:1479 Solanum Nigrum
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: 1433 Ventus Frigidis
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: 1577 Jorol Kroan
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam:2150 Ich Kusse Dich Dann Bist Du Frei
------------------------------------------ DDS: 1047 Aurea Bulla
----------------- DD: 1899 Carpe Noctum
------------------------------------------ DDD:   1104 Draco Periculosi DECEASED

related to the following starters:
* 028 Roseus Somnia
* 009 Albus Nox
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Foal design:
Foal/import design: 3405 Foal Design


Breeding and slots

Breeding Rules:
- Fertilitea and forbidden love are not allowed to be used on his breedings
- safe crossbreeding and other breeding items are allowed
- no parent slots please

Slots & Status

Breedings: Closed for now - slot sale in late november!

Bullet; Red - unpaid/unconfirmed 
Bullet; Green - yes/paid/given
Bullet; Black - closed slot
Bullet; Yellow - breeding slot unused
Bullet; Purple - used 


|User| |Using to (horse)| |Status  Paid/usable: Bullet; Green   Unpaid (BP and/or points):  Bullet; Red   |Resulting foal |

1. |Bellum-Letale| |Bullet; Purple|  |mate:ID 3600| |Foal:ID 7179|
2. |weewight| |Bullet; Purple| |Mate:2651 Bellum Laudem| |Foal:ID 6994|
3. |SwiftFoxEC| |Bullet; Green | |Bullet; Red| |Bullet; Yellow| | waiting for mate |  forbidden love/fertilitea not permitted
4. |herrpoliti | 4698 | Heather McNamara |Bullet; Purple6833 | Kasper  
5. |SharpAsFlintID 067 | Bullet; Purple | 7147|Airachnid
6. |SharpAsFlintID 4125 |
7. |northamber | ID 7212 | 
8. | naomithewolf | 583 Avicula
9. |FiestyWatermelonforbidden love/fertilitea not permitted With…
10.|H0rr0r-in-h3ll | 4125|Tiacapan |
11.Maddybr with 7984 Nox |  forbidden love/fertilitea not permitted
13.Bullet; Black 
14.Bullet; Black 
15.Bullet; Black 
Extra confirmed stat slots:
4 slots unlocked:…
16.Bullet; Black 
17.Bullet; Black 
18.Bullet; Black 
19.Bullet; Black 
1 slot unlocked:…
20.Bullet; Black… 4 slots unlocked
21. Bullet; Black
22. Bullet; Black
23. Bullet; Black
24. Bullet; Black

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Hey there!

Can you mark my slot to this girl?

7929 Sekhmet
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Just came here to say once again, WHAT A GLOW UP!!! Seriously, this has to be a favorite on your pieces, so much emotion while so contained at the same time.

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Can I use my slot with 7984 Nox?
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EB of the month by EquusBallatorSociety
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Beautiful fellow :heart:

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Long time I've been on here and I couldn't help but view your art...its as great as I remember!!
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Your detail and description wows me!!

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Hi, nice to see you again!! :D (Big Grin) 
I appreciate it as I've put quite a lot of history and story into this boyo! 
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Its all great.
I predict an entire section of balloters to be based of prime haha!
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I have four based on prime, but someone else does have a megatron!
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Hi, I would like to use ID 3600, Alba Nox for my slot
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Hello! The mare I was hoping to pair him with has been approved… (so sorry for long link, on mobile currently) If she’s cool with you, I’ll send you the points and the Pheonix:D
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Oh I like her! :) (Smile) 
I'll mark down and you can send payment ^^
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Oh yay! thank you again for a slot, I know this boy means a lot to you. Points have been sent and here is the transfer link for the Pheonix… :D
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Hey there!! I just noticed your boy has 'nZe' in the geno instead of 'nZ' for silver! If you could correct that that would be awesome, as nZe is the zebroid gene! :D Thank you!
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whoops! Sorry about that, corrected it. :) (Smile) 
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Checkers | 50 Stat Commission by Faraday-EC  Here is the second 50 stats, finishing my 100 stat payment. Thanks again!
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great! thank you ^^
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This dude is beautiful! Could we agree on 20 stats ?
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