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Pepper and the Pussycats

By sharon43210
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40 years in the making.
Pepper FINALLY a Pussycat.
Why did it take so long?
This is for the fans of the ORIGINAL Josie!

(c) By Archie Comics.

(c) By carla!
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They've been reprinting the old stories with Pepper in them in the most recent Betty and Veronica Digests. I love those old stories and the old DeCarlo art. Her character is funny.
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too bad the writers of the comics don't bring her back in new stories, so much for the original ideas
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They've brought back one or two obscure characters. Evelyn Evernever from the Little Archies showed up in a recent B&V story in one of the digests. Who knows? I loved Pepper, though.
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Her time has finally come!!!!
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it would nice if that were to happen but someone at Archie made the mistake years ago not to use her in the new treatment - they should have kept her
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Charlene for Sharon;

I like your idea, DOD.
You can see Pepper can be as cute as the rest!
Keyboard, mike, or guitar, she would be great.
I would sign petition, too.
Big compnaies ignore their fans.

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Wonder what it would take to get ARCHIE to bring back Pepper as the keyboard playing member of the Pussycats? Maybe a petition?
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Well done! She would be a great addition to the club. Love the 1960s "cat glasses."

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Jag, you are so sweet, I asked Rinna to help me out with this, as I was recalling how Kate and I talked that Pepper would have made a great Pussycat.

Charlene reminded of this most recently and NAN agreed that Kate would have been proud to see it! So I asked Rinna to help me make what should have been Pussycat #4, an ACTUAL OC of Dan DeCarlo!

Prior to the 'Cats, Josie, Melody, and
Pepper talked about boys and fashions...Valorie did NOT have to 'replace' Pepper, what if Melody had been bumped out?

The cat glasses add a lot to her, too.
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Good job. Keep it up!

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Char, we both loved Josie. Kate also did.
We both know Kate would have agreed.
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Sis! Finally the way it should have been done!
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The way Kate would have loved it, sis!
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Sweet, this is nice. Pepper looks great
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Ty, Rita. I do not deny Valorie her spot with the Cats.
Just that Pepper also get hers.
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welcome my friend!
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Very Cute and sexxxy
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TY. Pepper deserved better.
Finally, she got her turn.
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