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I love you
theme: confession
ship: Harumota (Kaito Monota x Maki Harukawa) and  Amamatsu (Kaede Akamatsu x Rantaro Amani)
time: 5 pm
time period: non-ultimate AU (Normal Highschool)
genre: fluff
setting: Maki's home, 
characters: all of V3.
warnings?: cursing.
notes: occness.

"Hey. Kaede!" Maki yelled to her friend in the crowded hallway. Kaede stopped before turning around and seeing her friend waving her down. "Hey, whats up Maki?" she said, while they walked down the less crowded corridor. "I'm having a sleep-over, parents are gone for the weekend and I wanted to know if you want to come. Rantaro was the first one to say 'yeah' so he's coming too." she said, winking.This caused Kaede's face to become as red as a tomato, before saying "Sure, but not because he's going, because you're my friend!" she whisper yelled, before smirking. "An
:iconsharoma:Sharoma 4 0
More of Dragonblight (Ruby Dragonflight) by Sharoma More of Dragonblight (Ruby Dragonflight) :iconsharoma:Sharoma 1 0 Dragonblight (Ruby Dragonflight) by Sharoma Dragonblight (Ruby Dragonflight) :iconsharoma:Sharoma 1 0 i forgot this questline is a thing by Sharoma i forgot this questline is a thing :iconsharoma:Sharoma 1 0 mha oc. by Sharoma mha oc. :iconsharoma:Sharoma 4 2 lmfao by Sharoma lmfao :iconsharoma:Sharoma 2 2 rhe fifth sequence of uh oh by Sharoma rhe fifth sequence of uh oh :iconsharoma:Sharoma 1 0  U h o h by Sharoma U h o h :iconsharoma:Sharoma 1 0
Antarctica's journal...
Today was the day.
Today was the day that Arctic Circle and Greenland declared Independence.
It hurt.
It hurt very badly.
They attacked me at the same time.
And I lost.
They weakened me until I felt the many beers I drank that day sober me up.
I miss them.
I am still bleeding, But Israel and Laos are trying to help.
I think I might go rest.
                         Sincerely, Antarctica.
:iconsharoma:Sharoma 1 0
Mature content
Dying!Father!Poland x Child!Reader: Mockingbird. :iconsharoma:Sharoma 4 0
yES!! by Sharoma yES!! :iconsharoma:Sharoma 2 8 Images by Sharoma Images :iconsharoma:Sharoma 1 0 yay by Sharoma yay :iconsharoma:Sharoma 2 0 Group-Collab by Sharoma Group-Collab :iconsharoma:Sharoma 1 0 Tadadada by Sharoma Tadadada :iconsharoma:Sharoma 1 0 here//484 by Sharoma here//484 :iconsharoma:Sharoma 1 0


Weather Demons (GundamxReader)
Weather Demons (Gundam x reader)
    'Geez sometimes my luck is worse than Komaeda's.'   You thought as you looked at the pouring rain.  You had done some quick shopping, and had just left the last store when the sky suddenly let loose.  Now you were soaked to the bone and taking cover under an awning in front of a closed ice cream shop.  'Clear and sunny for the rest of the week, yeah right.  How did they mess up their prediction so badly?'  You wondered as you waited for the sudden storm to subside.
     As you were wondering if you should make a run for it, someone else soon accompanied you under your hiding spot.  At first you didn't pay any mind to the person till you heard him mumbling to himself.  You glanced at him and saw the familiar purple scarf.
    "Gundam?"  The teenager was surprised to hear his name and looked around a bit till his eyes landed on you.
:iconpeaceswore:Peaceswore 148 37
Mondo x Reader- Awkward Blogging
You were getting ready to go on a date with Mondo in a few hours. Oh how you love that crazy biker. He always insisted that he has to take you on weekly dates, even though you'd be fine just spending time with him in your apartment.
Anyways, while you stripping to put on a (F/C) sundress, you saw that someone has sent you a message on Tumblr. 'It shouldn't take long' you thought and sat at your desk in front of your laptop, in nothing but your undergarments.
2 minutes turned into one hour as you were blogging like crazy. What you didn't know was that Mondo decided to come a bit early, hoping to spend more time with you.
Walking inside without knocking, you both looked up at the same time, awkwardly staring at each other. After a few minutes, realization kicks in and you and Mondo both blush (although Mondo's cheeks are more red than yours) and before you can say anything he dashes out of your apartment, leaving the door open.
"Dammit Mondo close the door!" you shout and quickly shoot o
:iconpennythepuffin:PennyThePuffin 99 22
Mastermind! Togami x Reader (maybe crack-fic)
“Tsk tsk tsk, sorry Togami-san. But I’m afraid that you are incorrect~” In the corner of my eye, I could see Genocider Syo clenching her fists and gritting her teeth in anger. I smirked. “What?! How am I wrong?” He asked wide-eyed, surprise and irritation in his voice, but still keeping up the calm stature. “Oh? Well for one thing, Aoi-chan was with me the entire time. So it couldn’t have been her.” I looked at Togami with daring eyes, challenging him. “Well, then how do you explain-“ I cut him off by lifting up my hand. “I do know who the real culprit is.” I said in a more serious tone. “HUH?!” Everyone shouted in shock. “How do you know?! You could just be lying!!” Genosider Syo asked me with her tongue hanging out, as usual. “I saw HER, kill Ishimaru in the pool room.” I heard a small yelp and immediately turned toward it. There, I saw Junko with shocked eyes and a guilty expr
:iconshewolfplayer:SheWolfPlayer 38 5
Seven Minutes in Heaven - Byakuya Togami X Reader
"HEY, LADIES AND GERMS!" Monokuma hopped onto the table, scaring all of you. "I'm bored, nobody's murdering each other!"
"Sorry to disappoint," you snapped back.
"I'll spice things up a bit!" He held out a black top hat. "Everyone put something in!"
"What? Why?" Your eyes widened as everyone obeyed without a second thought. "Fine." You took off the necklace your mother gave you.
"Good, good! Now, let's start the game!"
"Excuse me, but what game?" Chihiro asked.
"Seven Minutes in Heaven, of course!" the bear beamed.
"OH GOD!" Mondo cried.
"(Y/N), you pick first!" Monokuma demanded.
"Ugh, fine!" You looked over at the nearby closet nervously, then reached your hand in. And then... touched something plastic, so you pulled it out. Glasses? Let's see, Toko wore glasses, and so did Hifumi, but these didn't look like the ones they had. So it had to be...
"Those are mine."
Oh shit.
Byakuya made his way over, squinting slightly. "May I have them back?"
"O-oh, sure." You handed them back,
:iconsillycookiesonic123:SillyCookieSonic123 50 4
Shopping - Togami x Reader x Kuzuryuu
If there’s one thing you could never understand, it’s how you became friends with a Yakuza and a snooty rich kid. But, here you where, standing in the middle of a grocery store stuck between the two as they glared at one another. Your hands tightly clutched the handle of the buggy that you were pushing in front of you. There was a decent amount of groceries in the cart, some more useful then others. Your left eye twitched as you heard the two not so secretly curse and insult one another.
The two blondes sent glares to one another as they hooked their arms around one of yours. You stared forward ignoring the two and ignoring the strange looks you were receiving from other customers. Sucking in a deep breath in irritation you came to a halt and just stood there. “Why are you two acting like children desperate for attention?” you finally asked as you stood there. It grew silent as the only sound now was the mindless chatter that buzzed around the store from the oth
:iconxemogothgirlx:XemogothgirlX 19 0
coffee and chairs :: byakuya togami x reader
"okay i get that there are no seats left in this cafe but like i am trying to read here no you cannot have this chair my feet are using it thank you very much please get out of my face now” au
You just wanted to go into Costa for one day. Just for one coffee, and then you could go. You needed some chill coffee time after all. Well, it didn't look too busy from the outside, so it wouldn't hurt to go inside, right? Right foot, left foot, repeat that mechanism until you entered. No problem here at all.
Until you actually saw the inside. It was packed. No, literally, the queue nearly went up to the door, and everyone was sat at tables with not a spare one in sight. Not to mention the noise of everyone talking and some yelling, which would probably give you a headache later. Your brain told you to turn around right now before it was too late. However, your heart was like ‘nope, you need that coffee immediately’. With a sigh, knowing you'd give in to the tempt
:iconmistpeak:mistpeak 31 1
Reality. (Byakuya Togami x Reader One-Shot)
Wait, what? Did he just say 'I like you'? You were absolutely sure that he was uncapable of expressing any emotions that weren't related to money or insults. Even so, that didn't change the fact that you felt the same way. You stared into his icy-blue eyes, teasing the hell out of him. You knew he was quite impatient, but you weren't going to miss this chance. As a few seconds passed, you were convinced he was on the verge of walking away. That's when you grabbed him by his oh so expensive brand shirt and pulled him close enough for your lips to crash in a clumsy first kiss. He stiffened at the sudden contact, but soon relaxed and regained his composure. After pulling apart you noticed his cheeks were tainted a deep shade of red. Lovely.
Everything went blurry and slowly faded to black. Moments of silence and complete numbness followed by a sudden ball of blinding light. Yes. Your mom just pulled the curtains, and yes, you were dreaming.
'Oh mom, why did you have to ruin such a remarka
:iconxkiaraangelx:xKiaraAngelx 154 40

Love was never in the cards that life had handed to you. Being the youngest daughter in a large and politically powerful family meant top-notch security and homeschooling. The only boys you’d ever met were sent by their own fathers to woo you and convince your father into letting them have your hand in marriage. You saw through most of these shams, and soon enough, your father had you walk around with your own personal bodyguard, even inside your home.
Once you had finally asked if you’d ever have a boyfriend at dinner one day, your father replied simply. “A boyfriend isn’t necessary if you already have a fiancé, darling.”
Your eyebrows shot up to your hairline. “An arranged marriage? Who’s my fiancé?”
“Byakuya Togami. I assure you, this boy’s no fool.” Your father chuckled and sipped his Dom Pérignon. “Y
:iconloquacioussprite:loquaciousSprite 337 33
Hyper [Togami Byakuya x Reader]
"Togami! Togamiii!" The loud voice of a hyper young girl sang.
"Plebeian." Togami stated, his eyes staying fixed on the book he was currently reading.
"Toooogamiiiiii! I can see youuuuu!" The girl giggled, peeking through a bookshelf to stare at the male.
"That may be because you have eyes." He was starting to lose his patience with this girl.
The girl? Oh, that was just you. You drank a few fizzy drinks and ate some candy and now you were hyper. So far, your main goal was simply to annoy Togami as much as you possibly could. And it was succeeding. Yeah, bad things always happened when you were hyper. Not necessarily to you, though.
You picked out a random book out of the shelf and brought it over to Togami, sitting on the arm of his chair.
"Fool, what are you doing?"
"Chillin' with my best bud!" You exclaimed, smiling widely.
"I'm not wasting my time on you." Togami stated, shaking his head and looking back at his book.
"Wait! How do you say this word?" You pointed to a word in the ti
:iconanime-booty:anime-booty 164 21
Fool [Byakuya Togami x Reader]
One mighty fineee Autumn's day, you sat, bored as ever, in science class next to His Highness - A.K.A Byakuya Togami. As usual, he made sly comments about your intelligence and laughed at you when you got a question wrong. In short, he was an ass.
"Um, what's a alkaline again...?" You muttered to yourself as you filled out your worksheet.
"Ha, fool. That's basic knowledge." Byakuya commented, a smirk on his lips.
"Well I forgot that 'basic knowledge', 'kay?" You snapped, scowling at him.
"The correct form of the latter word would be 'okay', not that alien language you appear to be speaking."
"Oh, sorry Mr. Know-It-All. It was hard to tell you weren't an alien from your appearance. My apologies." You sniggered.
"Childish imbecile." He replied with a roll of his cerulean eyes.
"Arrogant idiot." You countered, not even realizing you'd just proved his previous statement.
With a scoff, the Heir finally shut up after that as you worked silently. Sometime later, he got up and requested to go
:iconanime-booty:anime-booty 170 47
Tenko Chabashira by evilstep Tenko Chabashira :iconevilstep:evilstep 49 0 Tenko Chabashira by evilstep Tenko Chabashira :iconevilstep:evilstep 215 3 Tenko by Screebs Tenko :iconscreebs:Screebs 88 3 Rantaro Amami The Ultimate ??? by Rannia-Kouhai Rantaro Amami The Ultimate ??? :iconrannia-kouhai:Rannia-Kouhai 23 4 Danganronpa Drawlloween: 4# Rantaro Amami by Trash-Muffin Danganronpa Drawlloween: 4# Rantaro Amami :icontrash-muffin:Trash-Muffin 110 1 fanart - shinguuji korekiyo by 2009retro fanart - shinguuji korekiyo :icon2009retro:2009retro 36 0



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United States
I like anime, web comics, reading, videogames, and alot of other things ^^
Every once in a while I'll do somethin' here :v

I play a game named, "Osu!" If you see Kyouki-Kun on there, hello! ^^


158 deviations
3 deviations
8 deviations
theme: confession
ship: Harumota (Kaito Monota x Maki Harukawa) and  Amamatsu (Kaede Akamatsu x Rantaro Amani)
time: 5 pm
time period: non-ultimate AU (Normal Highschool)
genre: fluff
setting: Maki's home, 
characters: all of V3.
warnings?: cursing.
notes: occness.

"Hey. Kaede!" Maki yelled to her friend in the crowded hallway. Kaede stopped before turning around and seeing her friend waving her down. "Hey, whats up Maki?" she said, while they walked down the less crowded corridor. "I'm having a sleep-over, parents are gone for the weekend and I wanted to know if you want to come. Rantaro was the first one to say 'yeah' so he's coming too." she said, winking.This caused Kaede's face to become as red as a tomato, before saying "Sure, but not because he's going, because you're my friend!" she whisper yelled, before smirking. "And what about Kaito? Is he coming, eh Maki-chan?" she asked as Maki's face became as red as her uniform. "O-Oh shut up, everyone in our class is coming." She said, pouting. "But yeah, I'm glad he's coming." she said. Right on queue Kaito and Rantaro ran past them so fast to where they had to take a second to figure out who they were, before turning around and staring at them. "Wh..What the hell was that about?" Kaede said. Maki shrugged, before walking in the direction they went, Kaede following behind.

"Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay, Oka--" Kaito was repeating 'okay' until Ouma slapped him, bringing him out of..whatever that was. "Snap out of it man!" Ouma yelled, looking up at Kaito. "THE GIRL THAT I'VE LIKED SINCE WHAT, MIDDLE SCHOOL? ASKED US TO STAY AT HER HOUSE FOR A SLEEP OVER. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BE CALM?!" He yelled, Gonta walked over to Kaito, patting his back. "Gonta doesn't understand what you're feeling, but Gonta hoped you can feel better." before walking back over to Kiyo. Kiyo snickered, before telling Gonta what the feelings were. Gonta almost fainted. "First off, Ow, my ears." Ouma said, blinking. "Second, Rantaro, Why are you not panicking?" Kaito and everyone else looked at Rantaro, who was laughing. "Because I've had to help my siblings with this. This is nothing." he said. 
"What?" he said. "H..How many siblings do you have?" Kiibo asked, staring at Rantaro. "12 younger ones." He said proudly. The room got too quiet, and he changed the subject. "Kaito, I'm pretty sure Maki likes you back and that Kaede likes me back." he said calmly. Kaito was about to say something before there was knocking on the door. "Open this damn door, losers." Tenko's voice rang out. Gonta walked over to the door, opening it slowly before realizing that everyone that wasn't in the room was outside. He moved aside and everyone got in. "So, you're all coming, right?" Maki said, averting her gaze from Kaito. "I am, I have nothing better to do plus theres no tennis practice today." Ryouma said as Kirumi walked in. "I'll make the food." She said. "Kirumi, you're like our mother. Let me do it. Its my house." Maki said, smiling at her friend. Kirumi blinked. "Can I help you then? I don't want you to make food for all of us and not have a hand, at least." She said, softly. 'Damn-motherly-voice.' Maki thought. "Fine, but only because you're a waaay better cook than I am." she said honestly. "So, what time can we get there?" Kaito asked, breaking the silence. "Any time after 6. I need a few hours to clean." Maki said, looking up at him. "So, This is basically like a party, right?" Miu asked. "Sure, why not." Maki said. Miu wrapped herself around Kiibo's arm, squishing his arm between her boobs. Kiib fainted."Is he okay?" Himoko asked. "He doesn't look like it." Angie said as she poked his forehead. Tsumugi sighed, before twiddling with her hair. "I'll be a little late, is that okay?" She asked Maki. "Mm, Its fine." She said, smiling at Tsumugi before turning back to Kaito. Kaito wanted to kill anyone or anything that harmed that perfect fucking smile. He shook his head as he came back to reality to Kiyo poking him. "Outside" he whispered, looking at him. "Excuse us." He said, dragging Kaito outside. "Huh? Whaddya want, Kiyo?" Kaito said. "You looked at Maki with the eyes of a kid in the candy store." He said bluntly. Kaito blushed, before looking back into the room. "It was kind of funny, Gonta was laughing at it." Kiyo said smugly. Kiyo walked back into the class room, and Kaito looked at Maki before thinking, 'I'm going to tell her, tonight. Get to it, Kaito!' He yelled at himself before walking back into the classroom.

~~time skip because I'm lazy as fuck.~~

"Everything is cleaned!" Maki yelled triumphantly, flopping on the couch before pulling out her phone. "5:15, so thats about another 45 minutes of being alone." she said sadly. Suddenly, she had an idea. She went to the messaging app and pulled up Kaito's name, and messaged him "if you want to come early come on ahead." and went to change. Kaito was freaking out on what to wear when his phone went off. He read the message and his entire body blew up. He grabbed everything he would need and ran to Maki's house, face-slamming into the door. Maki heard the loud sound and ran down, opening the door to see Kaito laying there. "A..Are you okay?" she asked, crouching down. "I'm fine" he said, muffled. He stood up, before walking inside, Her house was huge! "Maki, You don't have siblings?" He said, looking around. "Nope, sometimes kids from the neighbor hood come over but that's usually the only other company have when my parents are gone for longer periods of time." she said, looking at the ground. "Makiroll, if you're lonely call me! I'll be glad to spend time with you!" he blurted out. Maki's face turned red, and Kaito's did, too. "Uh..Alright" Maki said, looking down. She never realized just how 
tall he was. Nor how buff. Nor how-- her thoughts were cut off as Kaito walked towards her before picking her up and putting her in a bear hug. "K..Kaito..can't..breathe.." she said. Kaito let go and scratched the back of his neck. They sat on the couch for the next 30 minutes watching a horror movie. "The monster is going to make me flip my shit." "Its fine, Maki." Kaito said. Suddenly, the door burst open as soon as the monster appeared, causing Maki to jump onto Kaito in attempts to hide, ending up on his lap, hands around his neck. Everyone got silent and backed out the door, Probably going to Kaede's house who was next-door. The room was silent as Maki slid off his lap, her face clearly visibly blushing. Kaito pulled her back into his lap, hugging her again, laying her head against his chest. "Huh? Kaito, what're--" she was cut off by him kissing her. He pulled back, his face red and said "I love you, Maki. I have since we were in middle school." he said, looking away. She was astonished. Kaito, loved her back. She hugged him saying, "I love you too, Kaito. It would be honorable to be your girlfriend." she said, kissing his cheek. "I would love that." He smiled.


a voice outside yelled. They looked outside to see everyone out there, smiling and some taking pictures. Rantaro leaned over and kissed Kaede, causing her to faint. And, they started dating too. 
I love you
hi this fanfic is bad onion sad 
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