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Big Red

This is probably the first and last RED theme i will ever do..and you don't see many in the group its already a rarity.

Well, anyway, the Wallpaper is White Stripe, by Cythean.

I'm running object dock and the right, the small icons, from the Amana Icon Set. The Left Dock is Rocket Dock with Reflections Icons. Thanks to the creators!
Also using start killer, and auto-hiding the taskbar. Also using Launchy with an edited "Dank" Theme, where i changed the "Run", to the 2 Red Arrows, to match, I guess...

Taskbar also has a theme, forgot the name, but its a think taskbar, and trasparent grey, just so you can visualize it.

The Notes on the left is an edited version of MoxxPack Notes. I changed the boxes to be a whiteish color, and the arrow to be red. You can collapse it, and i couldnt really fit it cleanly anywhere else except in the middle of the Dock, so i used separators in the dock to create the space.
The writing in the notes was also changed to be red.

On the right, there are a bunch of rainmeter skins arranged diagonally on the stripe, at an angle of 7.07. There is A Custom 10 Foot HUD Weather, A Enigma Mail Icon, The Time/Date From TheAslan, The Power from TheAslan, and The C Drive is the Enigma HDD.
I Edited basically everything to fit with the red, and changed the angle and size, and TRUST ME, IT IS NOT FUN. Getting the angle to work is a pain.

Check DeviantArt if you want to make something like this, but i might just upload these files, and you can download them, etc, etc.

So. Hope You like it!
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Awesome work i love it :D too bad i seem to never be able to recreate it myself :(((
Great work! Love it. What are you actually using object dock for?
I have never changed anything on my desktop besides te wallpaper, but wow, I really love what you did there! Without a step by step guide anyways I'm lost :( do you think you can arrange some minutes to write something like a step by step please?
how can i make my desktop that way can't seem to follow the steps do you have a step by step for this to be achieved thnx
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wow this looks like it took a while to pull off good job
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A good day or two :\
in hud weather, when city is out of US, url no works. how exactly have to put code?
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If yo ugo to the rainmeter forum, it will have a large description of this process, but the simple one (if it works, because sometimes it doesnt)
is to go to, type in the name of your city, and then when you get to its page
ex. [link]

see that code on the right of the url? after the "+" comes FRXX0076. paste that code into the place where the us area code would be.
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I haven't been on in a while, and I put up my graphics for words.
Never the less. I am honored that you used my wallpaper as part of your theme, and I thank you for being so supportive.

Keep up the great work.
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No problem Cythean. Thanks for the great wall!
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