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Battletech - Ocean Class Heavy Cruiser.

Length - 847 meters
Displacement - 850,000 tons
Crew compliment - 352 (including 50 Marines)

In the first quarter of the 28th century the Star League Navy had searched for a replacement of the old Avatar-class. A total of four entries had been brought forward. The Ocean-class of Lyran company Ioto Galactic, the Luxor-class of Mitchell Vehicle Interstellar and BNCS, the Arrowhead-class developed by Boeing Interstellar and Challenge Systems in the Federated Suns and the highly experimental and exotic Soyal-class made by Delhi Warships and Illium Shipyards. In the end the Luxor won the contract, mainly because Mitchell and BNCS were both Hegemony companies, despite the fact that the Ocean had been the far more effective ship in all the tests.

Despite not winning, two ships were purchased and constructed, whilst the Lyran navy ordered a dozen of the class. The two in Star League service would serve as OpFor vessels in exercises as well as taking part in various trials and tests. The start of the Amaris Coup saw both ships engaged in battles across the Hegemony and they survived the Battle for Terra before departing with General Kerensky and the SLDF on their exodus. Both ships would be taken into service with Clan Mongoose and one was captured, the other destroyed during the Mongoose absorption Trial against Clan Smoke Jaguar. Lacking any large capital ships following the Trial, the captured cruiser was repaired and reactivated, serving in the Jaguar's fleet until the completion of the Scharnhorst where she was mothballed and put into orbit over Huntress.

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hey this one has stats! nice to see one of this BT ship arts with the specs included.

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I can see a little bit of the Commonwealth class light cruiser in this ship.

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Good eye, same designers and builders and they based it on her hull but scaled her up.

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