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Even when little, Tauren have quite a bite, as Attarn is finding out when the blind youngster Agaro here grabbed his tail and bit down.

Drawn by the lovely - whom I can't recommend enough if you're after a commission.
Someone really didn't listen
Or someone didn't read their mook guide book under the section "Do not point guns at the 170+ year old Merc and hired killer.

Oh well.die and don't learn

Drawn by the amazing -…
Don't poke the happy fun Sabretooth.
Its ill advised if you plan on doing any of the following

a - Breathing in the next 20 seconds
b - living through the next 15 minutes.

Drawn by the amazing -…
Battletech - Abraxas Assault Quadvee
Weight - 100 tons
Max speed - 56kph
Armament - 1 x HAG-20, 1 x ER PPC, 1 x Large pulse laser, 2 x ER Medium lasers, 1 x Medium pulse laser.

Starting life as a thought experiment the design that would eventually become the Abraxas would start off as nothing more than a side project by a small team of Horse Scientists who wanted to see how far they could expand the Quadvee concept.

With the electronic models and projections looking good and the approval to build a single testbed approved the design moved ahead slowly, delayed by limited resources and other projects that were far higher priority.   Although the joints and conversion equipment worked correctly on the units legs, there was issues when armour was added which hadn’t been accounted for in the digital design.  Although not a fatal flaw, it did slow the conversion from Vehicle to Mech and was seen as far too unwieldy and vulnerable during a conversion.  This lead to the legs and armour layout being re-worked whilst the design was then put on hold to incorporate a split cockpit layout instead of the shared cockpit of the Generation 1 Quadvees. 
The resulting alterations to the legs and the cockpit layout hunkered the whole design down, making it more squat and aggressive looking despite only being as fast as a standard 100 ton assault Mech with a maximum speed of 56kph in either mode. 

Despite having a fairly limited amount of internal space there was still a lot of Mech/Vehicle for the designers to work with and despite several visual redesigns the Scientists involved found that Insectoid looks were definitely easier to make threatening appearing, rather than equine.  Not always the case, but usually.  So, with 100 tons to play with and their love of vehicles the Horse Scientists pretty much got it looking right.  They realized the "torsos" can be in whatever shape they like, so it became more turret-like, and the legs are just about as well put together as they could manage.  The designers were especially proud of how whichever mode the mech is in, the equipment not currently in use is acting as spaced armour for that which is.  When walking the tracks provide protection, and when driving the legs protect the tracks.
In either mode the insectoid looking design looked imposing and fearsome whilst also giving the gunner excellent situational awareness and both crew were heavily shielded from incoming fire by the armour of the Mech and its hull shape.

 If there is a flaw, it is the distance between the pilots.  The drivers position is WAY down low, just above the Medium pulse laser.  Whilst in vehicle mode the driver only has a narrow range of vision and has to rely on the sensors and cameras dotted around the hull.  This is a different story for the gunner who has a clear view from up above the large pulse laser’s emitter port in between the ‘mandible’ like protusions for the major weapons.  So, constant coordinating training of the crews is always on the menu.

Drawn by the amazing Matt Plog who interpreted my ideas and thoughts into this brute! -


Current Residence: Cork in the Republic of Ireland
Favourite genre of music: None specified, too many to choose from
Favourite cartoon character: Invader Zim! Evil but in a crap and amusing way
Personal Quote: I live in a fantasy because this reality sucks!

Well today marks roughly 22,192,000,000 miles travelled at around 67,000mph by me on this lump of rock and water in its journeys round the sun.

Or, to put it simply, Happy 38th birthday to me  :D


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