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Hiking Ros


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Hiking Ros


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Carla's shoulder spica

Winter Ball Series

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Royal Night Out - Chapter 8

Ros sat at the bar toying with her martini, quite wanting to drink it but knowing she should pace herself as she needed her wits about her. Under the guise of attending a soirée – at which royalty was present, she noticed – she was due to meet a ‘contact’ regarding some certain classified information. So she was semi-on duty, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy herself too. She’d made sure to dress up for the occasion, with a slim and figure-hugging black evening dress and a single high heel. It was annoying that she was stuck, once again, with her leg in a heavy plaster cast, but at least it

Royal Night Out

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Ros fencing

Memories of Meadowbrook

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Ros's Relations - Ancient Egypt

Ros's Relations

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Ros's Navy Service

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Fragile Beginnings - Chapter 8

Fragile Beginnings

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Crystal Corazon - Epilogue

Ros sat in the back of a taxi as it threaded its way through the traffic after collecting her from the airport.  The taxi driver has seemed surprised to see her, and unsure if she wanted a taxi or an ambulance.  Either would have suited Ros, as long as she got home.  Her broken foot and toes throbbed.  Her other broken foot and knee throbbed.  Her broken wrist throbbed, and her bandaged eye throbbed too. She was mulling over the events of the past forty-eight hours.  Suzi’s involvement aside, Ros’s meeting with Julia had gone well.  The news of the Foreign Secretary’s resignation, due to ill health, had been published in th

Crystal Corazon

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Bobbi's New Job - Dramatis personae

As Bobbi's New Job, and the world which Bobbi inhabits has become very populous, I thought it would be a good idea to list all the characters that have appeared so far in case anyone was getting confused. I didn't realise there were so many! I'm sure I've left someone out, but here's the character summary in case you were ever wondering. Bobbi's New Job - Dramatis personæ ~GoneToEarth24 (https://www.deviantart.com/gonetoearth24) characters: Dr. Roberta Smith, MD :thumb527203658: Known as Bobbi; the heroine of our story.  Nicknamed Dr. B (to her face) or Busty Bobbi (behind her back) by the hospital staff.  A competent but clumsy doctor. Lieutenant-Commander Rosalind Wingf

Bobbi's New Job

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Bobbi's Adventures - Conclusion

The next few days were something of a blur to both Annie and Bobbi.  Ros somehow managed to clear things with the relevant authorities in record time, and after an emergency medical flight they were both in hospital, away from any of the dangers of espionage and counter-espionage. Annie's toes had been put back together as best could be.  A toe specialist had been called and under his guidance each toe was held in a miniature Chinese finger trap style device from which a wire ran up over a series of pulleys and to various weights.  She was going to be in this 'toe-traction' for at least a month she was told, after that she would be in the no

Bobbi's Adventures

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Annie's body cast

A Break in the Country

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Ski Slope Saga, Chapter 1

Annie was enjoying her holiday. It was good to get away from her studies for a couple of weeks, and take the time to go skiing, which was one of her favourite pastimes. Annie was an attractive 19 year old student, with small, slight features. She had a slim body and slender athletic legs, with cute size 6 feet. She was now on the third day of her holiday, and had just come off the ski slope, and was enjoying a warming mug of hot chocolate in the cafe at the ski resort. Her ski boots were resting on the floor next to her, as she felt they were making her feet too hot now she was indoors. In the heat of the cafe, the snow stuck on her boot was

Ski Slope Saga

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It's Nice Work If You Can Get It - Ch 8

Ms. Bridgewater was reviewing Suzi's action plan with Butch Frieda. They were both alone in the prison visiting room, which was a privilege afforded to Ms. Bridgewater but not to any of the other inmates of Her Majesty's Women’s Prison Sharpswood. "Does she really needs all this equipment?" Ms. Bridgewater peered over the extensive list. "Uh… she says she does" Frieda grunted. Ms. Bridgewater raised an eyebrow but also gave the curtest of nods. ……………………………………………………………………..

It's Nice Work If You Can Get It

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Annie's body cast


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Winter Ball Pictures - Bobbi


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Fun with Ros


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Suzi at School LLWC

Suzi and friends

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Hannah can


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Prof. Lily

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Jessica ready for a night out

Fan arts and collaborations

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HMS Cutica

A Pirate's Life For Me

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Cat competition - Loki

Competitions and fun

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Monica and Megan


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Fixing a Broken Heart with Casts - Chapter 79

Chapter 79 This time as they passed the concierge and the woman working asked if the couple needed anything to make their stay easier or more comfortable, likely alluding to Mel's massive and brightly colored cast, Mel offered her a permanent marker from a pouch on the side of her electric wheelchair. The hotel employee tentatively accepted the marker from her outstretched and uncasted right arm, then observed the cast again. It was quite a unique sight- exactly what Roy had hoped for. Her velpeau 1.5 hip spica concealed her entire left arm and hand against her body within the cast covering her torso. Her hips were bent at a right angle for

Fixing a Broken Heart with Casts

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Winter Ball Pictures - Hilda and Nicole

Girls in Uniform

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100th Comment


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