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Silently gasping with the pain of her badly jarred ankle and leg, Bobbi grabbed hold of the bar for support. Her broken leg was throbbing mercilessly now. She screwed her eyes shut, and when she opened them again, was surprised to see the blonde man; partner of the injured girl, standing in front of her.

“Are you alright?" he asked. “Just saw what happened… why don’t you come and join us?"

Still a bit surprised, Bobbi found she was allowing herself to be helped over to the table where the couple were sitting, and the young man pulled over a spare chair for her to sit on, as she mumbled her thanks. The girl was smiling at her, in a caring sort of way.

“Oooh" she said, in a well spoken voice. “I saw what just happened - it did look painful; are you alright?"

“Er…my cast…" Bobbi stammered, and then squealed slightly, as her plastered leg was gently lifted up by the girl’s blonde companion. He peered closely at the bottom of Bobbi’s cast. Bobbi was acutely aware that from that angle, and with her leg held like that, the stranger could probably see right up her skirt, but her appeared to be deeply concerned with the bottom of her cast, and her cast only.

“Looks fine to me" he said. Then he grinned, looking somewhat embarrassed.

“Ah… I’m Tom" he ventured, offering his hand. “Sorry for the… ah… unorthodox introduction. This is my girlfriend Rosalind." He gestured towards the red-haired girl.

“Call me Ros" said the girl, smiling. Bobbi got the impression she would have offered her hand too, if it hadn’t been in a sling.

“Oh, er, Bobbi" said Bobbi, still quite taken aback. “Erm, thanks for…"

“Ah, it’s fine" said Tom. “I’m, ah, used to it…" He glanced at Ros, who glanced back, blushing slightly.

“So what happened to you then?" asked Ros, indicating Bobbi’s plastered leg with a nod of her head.

Bobbi had never been the sort of person to be shy around others, and now the pain in her leg was subsiding, she was quite happy to chat to her new friends. She briefly explained how she had broken her leg skiing, but wasn’t able to go home yet, so was trying to make the most of things.

“Me too!" piped Ros. She pointed with her left hand down at her right leg. “It was my first time skiing. I knew it wasn’t a good idea, but Tommy thought we would have a good time."

“Did you do all that in a skiing accident?" Bobbi asked, feeling somehow as if she shouldn’t be asking.

“Oh no" said Ros, seemingly not in the least bit offended. “That was just my leg - on my first day too! I didn’t want to ruin Tommy’s fun, so I said we’d stay; we’re in one of the chalets just over there." She indicated the direction of the far more expensive, two-storey chalets on the other side of the resort. “But then Tommy here…" (she glared at the man, who didn’t seem to keen on being referred to as ‘Tommy’, with mock disapproval) “Tommy here, left his ski-poles at the top of the stairs…"

“Oh no!" said Bobbi. She’d known the girl for less than five minutes, but already had the idea that she was something of a walking disaster.

“Yes," said Ros, raising her casted right arm as if to illustrate the point, “and I caught my crutches in them, and came down the hard way, and hit my face on the bottom step too."

“Ouch…" was all Bobbi could think of as a reply.

“And then she managed to break two of her fingers by catching them in the wheel of her chair." added Tom, lifting up his girlfriend’s left hand, with its two splinted fingers. “Still, I’m used to taking care of you, aren’t I?" he said to Ros, giving her hand a very gentle squeeze.
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