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Chapter 100 is here!  Inspired by Case Study 1 by castsandfeet, and dedicated to all the broken toe fans out there!

Here are some pictures of the aftermath: Annie and Hannah by sharkycast  

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Professor Lily - Back to Work by sharkycast

Prev:  Bobbi's New Job: Ch99B - Annick, Erin and Hannah"It's very simple" Hannah explained, shuffling the cards and spreading them out in a fan on the table top.  "On your turn, pick a card.  If it's red, we can ask you a question and you have to answer truthfully.  If it's black, you take an item of clothing off!"
Erin piped up.  "How do you win?"
Hannah thought for a moment.  "I don't think anyone's ever won" she answered.  She looked over at Erin.  "You go first then"
Erin squeaked.  As she couldn't move very much at all, and her fingers were trapped inside her bulky casts, her sister offered to pick card for her.
"That one… no that one… no, to the left.  Yes, that one" Erin directed.
Annick drew the card out of the pack and turned it over for all to see.  "Four of hearts" she announced.
Erin squeaked again.  She suddenly realised that she was at a massive disadvantage when it came to clothes, as her casts meant that she only had one boot and sock on and no upper garment
 Next:  Bobbi's New Job: Chapter 101 - Yes or No?Almost fully healed from her various broken bones and down to once single walking cast on her right foot and ankle, Jessica Wondering was enjoying being back at work.  The truth was, she loved her job, and was glad that she was able to return.  There had been some doubt that she would have been allowed to stay in the police force, following her heroic but ill-fated involvement with a bomb that had been planted in a school.  Thanks to her, the only casualty had been herself, but she had lost her right hand and right eye in the process.
It had been fortunate that during her recovery, an undercover mission had been planned in the City Hospital, and Jessica had argued, with a certain degree of logic, that as an injured police officer, she should be the one to undertake it.  Her friend and police partner had agreed to accompany her; Jessica bit her lip at the memory of that.  She and Emily had tried to fracture Emily’s ankle, so that Emily would have the perfe
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lovee it!! poor prof. lily Oops! 
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Congratulation on the 100th Part!

However, including the several 'B' chapters, is it more than 100, unofficially?
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And some are of varying length, so yes, we're over the 100 mark!
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I love your story! Do you think you could draw chapters 71 and 100? Bobbi's toe boot and her poor toe getting re broken here? Would be forever grateful! :worship:
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I will see what I can do!

No promises however.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story!
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I'm delighted !!!!! Waaaaw !!!
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I'm glad to be of service! ;-)
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Wow. What a way to celebrate the 100 chapter milestone! I just caught up on your latest chapters and really love them all but especially this one which devotes so much time to broken and breaking toes - glad I could provide a little inspiration. I hope to upload some more STIS patient pics soon. I love the development of the Prof. Lily character and can't wait to see what happens next to all the poor toes broken up in this chapter. Annie (especially) and Kathy / Chloe are some of my favorite characters so it's always fun when they get in on the action. In terms of the potential third partner, perhaps one of their new severe toe patients? I like the Gwen and Claire suggestions too....

Thanks for keeping up the great work! 
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Thank you for your comments.  I look forward to the pictures!
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worth the wait, heres 2 100 more ^^
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Cheers, glad you liked it!
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Congrats on the 100th chapter!
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About the third partner, I think Erin, Gwen or Claire would be a good choice
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I will pass on your suggestions... ;-)
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