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Very late that night, Ros and Bobbi were almost back at Bobbi's small flat.  They were somewhat worse for wear following the crash with the van which had deliberately driven into their path to stop their chase of the black car.  After the crash they had been stunned for several minutes before Ros managed to get out of the car, just in time to see a figure, presumably the driver of the van, running and disappearing around a corner.  Several passers by had seen the accident and one called an ambulance.  Bobbi was still in the car when it arrived, and both she and Ros were taken to hospital.  Bobbi was personally very glad of this, but Ros seemed agitated.

Now they were back in Bobbi's block of apartments having discharged themselves from hospital at Ros's insistence.  As Ros has been braking hard as soon as the van cut across their car, the impact hadn't been as severe as it might have been.  None-the-less, both girls had new additions to their collection of injuries.  Bobbi was limping behind Ros, trying to climb the stairs to her apartment as best she could.  The sudden stop of the car had jolted her forward, and because of her leg propped up on the dashboard she had broken her nose on her own cast.  Now it was taped with a small splint.  She was also wearing a hard plastic brace on her neck, which kept her head rigid and staring straight ahead.  Her leg remained in its huge plaster cast, but with one addition.  Her big toe, pushed up against the windscreen when the impact occurred had snapped with the sudden pressure.  The toe was completely covered in plaster, with not even an opening at the end, and this was joined to the main body of her leg cast.  She held her massive cast gingerly out in front of her as she crutched along awkwardly, afraid of any more injuries to her already painful leg.

Ros, who was leading the way, hobbled along leaning on one forearm crutch.  Her white long arm cast was now accompanied by two fresh new short leg casts.  Ros hadn't actually broken any of the bones in her legs, but the sudden impact when her feet were firmly braced against the pedals of the car had severely sprained both her ankles, and the doctor had decided immobilizing them in plaster casts was the best option, seeing as Ros couldn't use two crutches and refused to be put in a wheelchair.  Both the casts had rubber walking heels on the bottom similar to the one on Bobbi's long leg cast and finished short of her toes, leaving them exposed without any sort of toeplate.  Due to the cold night air, however, Ros had used the socks she had been wearing to cover her toes.  Their vivid black and pink stripes contrasted sharply with her white casts and gave her a vaguely comic appearance.  One was rolled up around the toe-end of her right cast, stretched taut over her toes, but the other had become unrolled and only its elasticated top was holding it on the cast.  The dangling portion of the sock looked to Bobbi as if it might trip Ros up at any moment, but Ros didn't seem to notice or not to care if she did.

Ros hobbled up to the dingy doorway and opened it with Bobbi's key.  Bobbi, feeling exhausted, followed her in.  Bobbi was glad in a way to be back in the flat they'd left in such a hurry earlier that day, but was also deeply concerned about Annie, and felt like they should be doing something as soon as possible.  She'd been asking Ros all day what they should be doing, but it was obviously hard for them to do anything that might help Annie from the hospital while they waited for their injuries to be treated.  Ros had made various strange calls from her mobile which Bobbi didn't get involved in, and told Bobbi there was nothing they could do until they found out where Annie had been taken.

Both girls prepared some food as best they could, as it was now the early hours of the morning and they were absolutely famished.  Ros, raiding various cupboards, came across half a bottle of vodka that Bobbi had forgotten about and poured herself and Bobbi a generous measure each.  Ros did her best to put Bobbi at ease about Annie and promised to do everything she could.

Feeling very tired, Bobbi limped slowly and painfully into her messy bedroom, taking the remains of her drink with her.  As there was only one bed, she had agreed to let Ros share it with her.  Ros came with her, supporting her when Bobbi took her weight on her broken leg as she wasn't using her crutches.  They both toppled onto the bed, Bobbi flat on her back with her eyes closed.

Bobbi allowed Ros to help her take her jumper off.  She was slightly surprised when Ros helped her out of her vest top too.  Bobbi felt the closeness of their bodies.  Without thinking, Bobbi helped Ros out of her thick roll-neck as well.  Ros turned to Bobbi and kissed her.  Bobbi kissed back, feeling desire well up within her.  In all the time she had been on her placement abroad she hadn't enjoyed any intimate company.  For someone with Bobbi's good looks and fun-loving nature, not to mention her two giant assets, prolonged chastity was not something she was used too.  That she should be getting intimate with Ros, a friend who until recently she had believed to be dead, was a little awkward, but Bobbi was no stranger to women finding her attractive as well as men, and she had more than 'experimented' with her female classmates on her medical course.
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castsandfeet Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
fabulous 5 - love where this is going - and ditto on your descriptions of casts and clothes
cast-tsac Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2010
absolutely love it i think you should do a drawing of them especially with there current injuries :D
sharkycast Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2010
I'd love to, except I have no drawing skills at all! Perhaps one of the artists on here will do one.
DaneBainbridge Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Great job Sharky. I like where this is going. Things are getting interesting. I like the way you describe the casts and clothing.
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