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Something Wicked This Way Comes

By SharksDen
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The 1962 novel by Ray Bradbury.… translated into Chinese.. after half a century+_+||

Before start I watched the 1983 Disney film, but find I can take advantage of my chosen "cast" onto the stage. It was 1962, there is not too many suitable choice;)

2017.10. Available on InPrnt:…

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Were you thinking of Vincent Price when making this? :D FAVE
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Great work! I enjoyed of your works!
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I just recently watched this movie (my parents wouldn't let me watch it when I was little).
It's pretty awesome.
now i just need to get my hands on the book :D
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I didn't see any content not suitable for children in that Disney movie...
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Please don't count Mr.Drak
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Oh wow! The perspective in this is amazing. It really makes you think this Ringmaster (cause that's what he looks like) is really controlling these three people's lives. The colors also add another great addition. Really catches your eye. Spot on!
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very very cool!
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Ooh, I loved this book!  :D  And you did a lovely job of illustrating it!
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Kewl Artwork ....  Mr. Dark is so Kewl ...  Loved the book and the movie.... 
Of course if you look at my profile picture you could kinda tell that.... (^_^)
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Fantastic picture!
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oh something's coming alright !! and that's SharksDen :D !!
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Fantastic! I love Bradbury :D
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so much fucking win!
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Really nice work ! Not many good pieces of art from this epic story !
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Wonderful! I ador whole heritage of Bradbury - and your art!!! :love: 
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