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Ready Player One

By SharksDen
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The science fiction novel by Ernest Cline.…

Fantastic Crossover Ultimate BattleLa la la la almost got madness in drawing thisLa la la la 


It‘s illustrated for its second half of the Chinese translation, not really fanart but I really enjoy on it. Sure I read the whole novel, it's a high quality of translation and creatively converted the geeks dialogue into the corresponding Chinese words, Currently in SF webs readers has gave positive feedback and high rating for this novel.

It will be adapted into a movie? PLEASE!!!Love 


2014 has coming~Happy 2014!   Wish you all progress in art skill and everything in the New year!

I've been asked countless times about print this. So I finally...˙ω˙
Available on…

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so many reference that i only know a tenth of
DarthSithis09's avatar
I never knew how much i needed to see Gundum and Iron giant throw down with Mecha Godzilla ...... so good.
anakin022's avatar
Thanks for sharing your amazing work!
I used it here:
Ready Player One OST Custom Cover #12 by anakin022
Any1 knows the name of That mace? Where i saw it? Mmm
ShadowReaper1954's avatar
Kiryu!!! X3
This. This right there is exactly what we really need for the film!!
.....but i feel like it won't T^T
BettyyyIllustrates's avatar
Crazy Amazing! March 29 can't come soon enough
TheSummerSprite's avatar
The film better have Mechagodzilla in it.
TurningOverANewWord's avatar
"Let me take you on a trip. Around the world and back. . . let me show you the world, through my eyes."
-Depeche Mode.
a gundam in ready player one!? 
count me in!
I'm seeing this movie!
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Amazing. Now a movie is getting made.
Dox482's avatar
I fear we will not get this fight in the Movie, I WANT TO SEE THE GUNDAM ON THE BIG SCREEN!
SharksDen's avatar
Ye, from the trailers, seems they're replaced by something similar...  but might leave an unexpected surprise?
Dox482's avatar
True, after all, it is directed by Steven Spielberg. I mean it not like he'll give us something like M. Night Shyamalan's Live action version of Avatar The Last Air Bender. (Shivers) That left a bad taste.
SharksDen's avatar
Emm, these mechas are not the story core, so I think the replacements will not cause too much interference. But hope the film still keeps some of them.
update. there is a gundam on the official trailer. and it is wonderful. however no supaidaman or ultraman
gio0397's avatar
i'm looking forward to the film, but is the book a chapter book?
Dreali85's avatar
Read the book 4 times,can't wait for the movie and this painting should be on my wall.Clap 
SharksDen's avatar
After numerous times being asked, I finally registered in a print web _(:3 」∠)_ Thanks for approval of my art any away:D (Big Grin) 
OrionPax09's avatar
Ready Player One movie confirmed. Here's the trailer.…
UltimateKaiju's avatar
The longer I look at this the more I notice
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