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November 1, 2011
Bran's Dream by ~SharksDen =lilyhbp said of this beautiful digital work, "Dreams are the most beautiful things to try to paint, and while reading this book, I tried to imagine this particular scene... and the way this artist has achieved the illustration of this dream from 'A Game of Thrones' gave me goosebumps..."
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Bran's Dream

Bran's Dream, from "A Game of Thrones" Chapter 17, the most magic moment in book one.
It is with great pity that the TV series remove this prophetic dream. Bran's chapters always my favorite, so I drew this dream in a TV version.:)

Excerpts form the book:


Bran looked down, and felt his insides turn to water. The ground was rushing up at him now. The whole world was spread out below him, a tapestry of white and brown and green. He could see everything so clearly that for a moment he forgot to be afraid. He could see the whole realm, and everyone in it.

He saw Winterfell as the eagles see it, the tall towers looking squat and stubby from above, the castle walls just lines in the dirt. He saw Maester Luwin on his balcony, studying the sky through a polished bronze tube and frowning as he made notes in a book. He saw his brother Robb, taller and stronger than he remembered him, practicing swordplay in the yard with real steel in his hand. He saw Hodor, the simple giant from the stables, carrying an anvil to Mikken’s forge, hefting it onto his shoulder as easily as another man might heft a bale of hay. At the heart of the godswood, the great white weirwood brooded over its reflection in the black pool, its leaves rustling in a chill wind. When it felt Bran watching, it lifted its eyes from the still waters and stared back at him knowingly.

He looked east, and saw a galley racing across the waters of the Bite. He saw his mother sitting alone in a cabin, looking at a bloodstained knife on a table in front of her, as the rowers pulled at their oars and Ser Rodrik leaned across a rail, shaking and heaving. A storm was gathering ahead of them, a vast dark roaring lashed by lightning, but somehow they could not see it.

He looked south, and saw the great blue-green rush of the Trident. He saw his father pleading with the king, his face etched with grief. He saw Sansa crying herself to sleep at night, and he saw Arya watching in silence and holding her secrets hard in her heart. There were shadows all around them. One shadow was dark as ash, with the terrible face of a hound. Another was armored like the sun, golden and beautiful. Over them both loomed a giant in armor made of stone, but when he opened his visor, there was nothing inside but darkness and thick black blood.

He lifted his eyes and saw clear across the narrow sea, to the Free Cities and the green Dothraki sea and beyond, to Vaes Dothrak under its mountain, to the fabled lands of the Jade Sea, to Asshai by the Shadow, where dragons stirred beneath the sunrise.

Finally he looked north. He saw the Wall shining like blue crystal, and his bastard brother Jon sleeping alone in a cold bed, his skin growing pale and hard as the memory of all warmth fled from him. And he looked past the Wall, past endless forests cloaked in snow, past the frozen shore and the great blue-white rivers of ice and the dead plains where nothing grew or lived. North and north and north he looked, to the curtain of light at the end of the world, and then beyond that curtain. He looked deep into the heart of winter, and then he cried out, afraid, and the heat of his tears burned on his cheeks.

Now you know, the crow whispered as it sat on his shoulder. Now you know why you must live.

“Why?” Bran said, not understanding, falling, falling.

Because winter is coming.

Bran looked at the crow on his shoulder, and the crow looked back. It had three eyes, and the third eye was full of a terrible knowledge. Bran looked down. There was nothing below him now but snow and cold and death, a frozen wasteland where jagged blue-white spires of ice waited to embrace him. They flew up at him like spears. He saw the bones of a thousand other dreamers impaled upon their points. He was desperately afraid.

“Can a man still be brave if he’s afraid?” he heard his own voice saying, small and far away.

And his father’s voice replied to him. “That is the only time a man can be brave.”

Now, Bran, the crow urged. Choose. Fly or die.

Death reached for him, screaming.

Bran spread his arms and flew.

Wings unseen drank the wind and filled and pulled him upward. The terrible needles of ice receded below him. The sky opened up above. Bran soared. It was better than climbing. It was better than anything. The world grew small beneath him.

“I’m flying!” he cried out in delight.

I’ve noticed, said the three-eyed crow. It took to the air, flapping its wings in his face, slowing him, blinding him. He faltered in the air as its pinions beat against his cheeks. Its beak stabbed at him fiercely, and Bran felt a sudden blinding pain in the middle of his forehead, between his eyes.

“What are you doing?” he shrieked.

The crow opened its beak and cawed at him, a shrill scream of fear, and the grey mists shuddered and swirled around him and ripped away like a veil, and he saw that the crow was really a woman, a serving woman with long black hair, and he knew her from somewhere, from Winterfell, yes, that was it, he remembered her now, and then he realized that he was in Winterfell, in a bed high in some chilly tower room, and the black-haired woman dropped a basin of water to shatter on the floor and ran down the steps, shouting, “He’s awake, he’s awake, he’s awake.”


My drawing with the same ASOIAF" Bran s Dream" theme 4 years… ( Warning! Completely different style ;) )


I can't believe it! I got another DD, in halloween!
Thank you! Thank you for all~

2017.10. Available on InPrnt:…
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He was having a greenseer dream or Maester Luewin gave him too much of the good stuff, trippin balls. This is your brain; This is drugs; This is your brain on drugs! 
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Wow this is so incredibly beautiful! 
I really hated that they decided to leave this part out, and your artwork really made me wish they would have included it.
Fantastic work!
Wow! I've been waiting for someone to do an artwork of this scene. You captured the vision well...SUPERB!
Jordan5000's avatar
incredibly done!
Love it! Bran is my favorite character too! Love your art, I'm reposting it at my IG account (giving you credit of course), keep it on!
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This is so beautiful!  One of my favorite parts of the book, it's an absolutely beautiful rendition! 
contain-nuts's avatar
the book is better than than the tv-show hands down love the pic
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This is far and away one of the very best A Song of Ice and Fire fan-arts I've yet to see!
Woohoho ;D Very nice job :)
ValeviL-the-phoenix's avatar
we share it on game of thrones - italian fans *-*
SharksDen's avatar
Whoa, this was a bit too awesome. Faved in an instant =D
You portray it pretty well too, making the earth beneath look more like an inverted globe than a sphere. Good call there =P
Just wondering, but the man on the left in the golden armor, is that Jaime? Or is it him that's standing on the far right just next to Sandor?
SharksDen's avatar
That should be Jaime in the book,But according the TV proportion in king's landing, I use Loras in there.
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This is so wonderful!
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this is amazing! <333
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Your wonderful work has been featured here! :love:
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WOW!!!! I love the picture and I love those books!!
FrostedHarbor's avatar
Absolutely incredible. Quite possibly the best ASoIaF piece I've seen.
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