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No...not art. Cars.

I painted cars for a living when I was a kid. One of the things I remember about body men and painters is that while they worked on cars all day, their personal vehicles were generally pieces of junk. Wrecked fenders, unprimed bondo, unpainted primer, etc.

My point is that this journal is the same way. Neglected.

Best would be to catch me over at Ultra-Fractal. The group is going strong, gallery updated regularly so you can see what emerging and veteran UF'ers are doing, plus always have a contest or something going on.

So....while this journal might not get updated regularly, I am certainly around. Note me if you need me...

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Current haps...

1) Still have work showing at two galleries on the Gulf Coast: Orange Beach Art Center (Orange Beach, AL) and Rick Tino's Gallery (Gulf Shores, AL). Sales are slow at the art center...I think the main reason is that I have the only digital art showing and the visitors are not receiving it very well. The perception might be that if it isn't done with a brush, it isn't art. But we'll see how it goes.

Rick's gallery is another story. His clientele is a little more hip, lol...

I also have some pieces at a local office supply store, and I am going next week to talk to the Hattiesburg Visitors Center about placing a few pieces there.

2) The Ultra Fractal Group is going strong. I recruited denise-g to help with the admin duties and she has really taken a load off of me. Yea Denise!

This month's contest is a Gnarl contest. I have seen some beautiful gnarl images here and there so this might be good for the group. Expand their horizons.

We are also putting the final touches on the first ever UF tourney. Looking at doing two divisions, advanced and beginner, with great prizes for each group. I'm talking to some world class UF'ers right now trying to put together a stellar panel of judges.

3) STILL getting creamed by denise-g at chess. We play email chess at Stan's NetChess. She mated me in about 20 moves the other day. I felt like a d u m m y! But I'm proud for her...told her to enjoy it because it would be years before she won another one.

4) Ok...I know, I site still isn't up. You know how it goes though, so many things demanding so much time. I have given myself until the end of this month to get it up and running. Should be an attainable goal.

That's about it for now. Thanks for stopping by...


Wheee! 5000 page views. Thanks guys! 'bout I take some time and update my journal?

Ok..current haps...

1) Doing the admin thingy at *Ultra-Fractal Group.

2) Just started Janet Parke's third UF class - Ultra Fractal Artistry over at Visual Arts Academy.

3) Getting my butt kicked by *denise-g in chess.

4) Working on getting my own site up and running.

5) Getting ready for a local arts and crafts festival - I think sales will be fair...not great, but looking for decent.

6) Wishing my brother *HorseLips would start printing some of his stuff:

7) Slowly but surely developing my UF skills...

8) Just took a two week vacation. Now I need to go back to work so I can get some rest, lol...

So that's what's going on today. If you're a fractal nut, and in particular like UF stuff, come visit my group.

I've been honored to be asked to help as Admin for the UltraFractal group. So if you are a UF addict like me, come see us, join, and share your knowledge and work with us.

Pretty amazing fractals...
Ok...I know...been a few weeks since I've submitted a frac. But y'all know how it is...busy, busy, busy.

I'm doing a few studies right now that I feel will help me be a better frac artist. We'll see how it goes with upcoming submissions.

And just because I haven't submitted lately doesn't mean that I'm not watching. So y'all keep up the good work...
Wow...and again I say, WOW!!!!! What's really hard to find the words...a killer storm, a tragedy...

I live in southern MS about 90 miles north of Biloxi. We had sustained 70 winds with 90 mile an hour gusts. A lot...a LOT of devastation. And the situation is really getting kinda desparate.

We have food and water, and I am one of the few miraculaously blessed folks in my community that have just got their power back. My line runs off of a line that the local radio station is on, and they are trying hard to get power to it, so I am just in the right spot.

One thing though is that the State has commandeered the gas supplies, so what we have in our cars is it until further notice. Emergency vehicles only.

Sooooooo many stories of heartbreak...and also of blessings upon blessings.

Let me just make an impassioned plea. If there is any way...ANY way that you might can help, or feel led to help...please...don't hesitate. While I was really uncomfortable for a few days, there are many, many, many that are REALLY bad off.

They show the news about New Orleans and the MS coast, but that hurricane came inland...and what they are not showing is the trouble that all of MS is in a community about 50 miles from me, they have no power, no water, people are dying in hospitals and rest homes...It's really really sad.

So please pray for us, come help us if you can...send food, water, ice, gas, etc.

If I can stay online I'll give local updates as we go...


***Update*** Sept 2, 2005

I'm sure y'all have seen the national news so I won't talk about New Orleans or the MS coast.

Locally...we are able to get some gas. Lines are 2 hours long and they are limiting everyone to $20 each. Groceries are ok...except for bread. Water is fairly tight, but can be found. This is today, tomorrow may be different.

Today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better than today. At least that is the hope. And there is a lot of hope.

People have seemed to be shell-shocked, and they sort of went into survival/panic mode for a while, but are starting to realize that life has changed, and that it we will all be out of our comfort zones for a while. So order is resuming, and folks are realizing that we are going to have to just slow down, pitch in, and help each other...the guy right beside you...get through this.

People seem to think that they are the only ones hurting, but it is no fun for anyone. We are all in this together. A guy in the gas line today was whining about how long he had been sitting in the line (about an hour at this point). What he didn't realize was that the policeman that he was complaining to had been on his feet, in this wonderful Mississippi heat, for going on 10 hours.

Soooo not only did this policeman have his own problems at home, here he was having to work, listening to this other guy whine...hmm.

Y'all be kind to the people that are working very, very, very hard long hours restoring order. National Guard, police, power crews, water crews, highway crews, clean-up crews, volunteers...the list goes on. far as finding specific local info (someone mentioned Moss Point and Poplarville) here is my recommendation.

Find the local radio station for any particular community. The phones and power are a priority for local stations because many people's only source of info is battery powered radios. Use the net, do a yellow pages search for a radio station in the town you need info from. They will have a command center set up with contact to the local sheriff. Tell them who you're looking for, where they live, and the sheriffs will go check on them.

Keep in mind that life has slowed waaaaay down around here. It might take them a while to get info on someone..if they can even get to them...but they will certainly make every effort to put people in contact with each other. Don't call the sheriff directly because they are probably getting a thousand calls an hour already. Get in touch with the local radio station.

If the local radio station is not up, or the community you are looking for doesn't have one, use Mapquest and find the closest larger city. As cities get larger, info gets easier to get.

For instance, if Poplarville doesn't have a radio station look for one in Lumberton, or Purvis, or even go back up to Hattiesburg. Ask questions, be persistant, and you can get specific local info, especially the condition of loved ones.

Does this make sense?

Thank you all for your prayers and support. We WILL get through this. If you want to help financially, donate to one of the organizations listed in the first part of the journal. If you can send supplies and want to know what to send, just think of it like this. Imagine you all of a sudden have nothing...I maen NOTHING...well, what would you need? Water, non-perishable food, soap, water, toothbrushes, combs, water, towels, clothes, blankets and did I mention water? You get the idea.

Keep us in your prayers, help if you can...

Well...I got runner up in the July contest at *Ultra-Fractal. It was my first contest and I learned a BUUUUUNCH!!!!. The other entries were very good. I have a long way to go with UF...but I WILL get there.


I'm continuing to work on my UF skills...

I feel with "Fractured" that I truly have an understanding of working with masks...double masks, reverse masks, etc.

Currently studying different coloring methods...along the lines of this:

Dan Kuzmenka

I LOVE the coloring and texturing that he is doing...

Drop by some time...say "hey" or something....
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Mon Jun 27, 2005, 11:35 PM
A Daily Deviation? For me?


Thank you ^damphyr for featuring <a href="…" target="_blank>"Silky Smooth" as a Daily Deviation!

I'm honored. I have been doing Apo for about a year, and have just recently bought UF. This was my third render. folks have made my day!!!!!!!!!!

Check out my new tutorial:

Creating and Saving Custom Gradient Packs

Email me and let me know if you found it useful...