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Brushed Gold and Satin
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Published: July 11, 2005
© 2005 - 2019 sharkrey
Frame and title in PSP

Hey...finally...I understand masking.

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oo i love the colors .. staring at this fractal makes me feel like i'm somewhere tropical ... mmmm 8-)
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sharkrey Digital Artist
Tropical...wouldn't that be nice. MAN!!! could I use a vacation!
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I liked this at "that other site", too - nice'un! :-?)
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sharkrey Digital Artist
dos mucho gracias!!!
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love it!! looks like a lovely flower!! i agree, the spirals at the bottom are great!! looks cute ;)
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sharkrey Digital Artist
Thanks. I've had a few people mention that I need to have it printed on fabric and make a throw pillow out of it.
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FarDareisMaiHobbyist Artist
First off, the good. I really like the subtle use of texture. It is so subtle it could almost be missed, which could be a problem, but in general subtlety is good. You might want to increase the opacity on the texture layers just a very, very little bit, but it is not a big deal. My favorite texture would have to be the one you used on the green parts, btw. In fact, the little green leaf-like parts are very nice in general; they look nicely 3-d.

I also like the three swoosh-like things in the bottom right corner. I don't know why, exactly, but they are cool.

I also like the colors. Though they are not what I would typically think of as colors that go well together, you have managed to make them work excellently. The entire peice looks alove because of it. The darkish-blue purple looks a little out of place, but there is not that much of it anyway, and it is very slight.

But I don't really like the overall shape of the piece; I am not fond of spirals. Also, the ying-yang like spiral at the top is bugging me. Not just because it's a spiral, but also because the colors become muddy there. See, because the colors look are so contrasting, it makes them look alive - like I said in the previous paragraph - but when they get too blended and too close together it does exactly the opposite.

If I were you, I would zoom in to a different part of the piece to not show the ying-yang part, and also to make it look a little less like a spiral. Perhaps do something like show the 'spokes' of the spiral, but not the actualy center, sort of like in this fractal. [link] Also, I would try to soom in so that I emphasized the green parts as much as possible, because as I said, those are very well done... and I would try to keep the swoosh-things in it as well.

Overall, nicely done.
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sharkrey Digital Artist
Thank you very much for taking the time to share your ideas.

I agree. almost too sublte. I had originally had the texture on the gold areas a little more opaque, but when I rendered the image, the texture looked a little pixelated. What I needed to do was find a better texture, but instead I just dropped the opacity.

The leaves have two textures, and I tweaked the gradient to give them some movement. (Lighter toward the center).

The little emblems were where I really grasped how masking works, and the creative doors it opens. As I was doing them, I was thinking, "Uh're MINE now, UF"

Straight from the color wheel. The red and teal are complementary, the gold is analogous to the red, and the green and purple are triadic to the red.

All are a little more saturated than I like, but I liked the saturation of the red, and the rest just followed suit.

I'm not big on spirals either. But don't you have to do at least one spiral as you learn UF?

"the ying-yang like spiral at the top is bugging me":
Oh man, you don't don't know. I really struggled with framing this piece. The thing is, if I drop the framing to hide the little spiral, other unwanted elements come into view. I spent literaly 4 hours just hunting for a good composition. The deciding factor was that this spiral was where the little emblems come from. So I finally decided to include it. You just have to make choices.

Again, thanks so much for leaving the in depth comment. Too often we'll jujst look at a piece and go, "Tha's nice." But I think it really helps to hear what others like or dislike, and to discuss reasons for the choices we make artistically.
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FarDareisMaiHobbyist Artist
You're absolutely welcome!

And I agree. Sometimes, I just want to go on and on about why I did this and how I did that, but most comments do not allow for that sort of opportunity.
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