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    I stand in the still of an unnerving silence,
  A world without motion
  Sitting unconscious
      As stones lasting through time
  Guarding the secret of the past
To deteriorate only when it comes again
  The enchantment of their incomprehensible treasure
       To be released,
   To become again what is
  Apart from the intangible, unknowable void
   Of what was and shall be;

  In the undisturbed silence enclosing,
In a world without motion comes a glimpse
  Into a secondary realm,
   A reflection lasting
But seconds
   Before dissipating
      Under the treads of the inhabitants;
  But in these fleeting sights
   Is shown the still
     Affected by time’s solemn progression
Solemn, in a world of silence, is not an unnatural calm,
     But is erratic movements,
        Confused cries for help,
           A want to escape;

  As with the interest of an immigrant
   Seeing his new home for the first time,
I viewed this reflection;
  Within it was a tree perhaps, but
      It was in a state unknown;

  In there, its branches in fits of anger
    Towards a hidden force in this view
     An obscure demon lurking behind this view
  Waved to and fro
   With the sound of its blows
    To an invisible foe

Gasping in wonderment, I raised my eyes
To find the tree silent, its branches still,
Its figure towered as a forbidding protector,
  A gargoyle mounted atop this massive fortress,
I moved mine eyes back to the sight
   To know it was not dreamt
And found it

  Evaporated into a sky elsewhere
   Where an impenetrable phantom must wander restless,
It must be as it must have been
  But the spot with this indiscernible sight
Was not, and its existence could not be ascertained,
   No, it was a dream
  But all dreams are rooted in reality
    Through both the obvious and implied relations
       Through the deepest desires
     Yearned for, Only by the subconscious
    Where fear does not inhibit and censor

                 A dream of chaos
             Of infinite still photos
          Rolling on an endless reel

      A movie with sound and color
   With a preview of all that will be

                          – The  still! –
  Time intervenes upon this funereal silence,
   The gargoyle awakens with piercing roars
  Flapping its wings vehemently
     Towards the unseen threat,
The object guarded for so long
      Becomes, seemingly
           As though it always was,
A world of confused cries
Replaces the sacred silence;

  The world becomes again
  So I look down at the same spot
    To see a reflection in a silent rest,
  I look back up again
And watch this fleeting dream
   Dissipate into the sky.

Originally written on vacation in a silent, still world that awakened me from a surreal view of reality. One where the present appeared as a dream when passing.
Perhaps now it can take on a new meaning.
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sairah Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2005
what i like about this is that i can see it.
hezekiah Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2004
Wow, excellent poem. The imagery in this really resonates in the mind; my mind anyway. The surreal, fantasy-like world is not one unknown to me. I liked the first stanza best; it sort of reminded me of something I wrote a while back. You really capture the disconcerting silence in this first stanza brilliantly. There's a gloomy, desolate feel to the following stanzas as well ( to me anyway ) that are very effecting. Overall, a really excellent work. Very well done!
darknessupon Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2004  Student Writer
interesting flow of stanzas :) beautyful
TheFlawedOne Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
Wow your writing skills just grow more and more everytime I read anything from you. Great job again!
isia72 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2004
this is just beautiful! i just love the way you write :hug:
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