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On a path few travel intently
Steps a figure in this evening’s morn,
Feet fall softly and caress gently
The forsaken ground
     Where venture the forlorn

Where souls are lost and found,
Away from the golden boughs,
Beyond the woods where laughter is abounding
From faeries and nymphs resounding
Within the living forest;

Beyond, in the land of passage,
Where the light turns a different shade,
Where the laughter never echoes,
And the moods become passive;
Here is found a lone shadow.

She treads lightly with each step carefully planned,
Taking her stand between the gray and shadow,
Every movement shown beforehand
By her significant other,
And, in this profane journey, her only friend.

Fade out from this world’s meadow,
It will not matter anymore;
She will merely join the rest
Walking anxiously through this door,

For she had long ago realized she was just another shadow
Mimicking every move of her doppelgänger,
However flat it meant everything to her,
Though obscure under the curtained veil;
In every family portrait, every picture painted
It restlessly hid,
But by the light it availed.

She would be forgotten!
But that was only the image
Formed for the benefit of the forgotten and lost,
Such thoughts occurred
As she walked fearlessly into the abyss called Night;
Chosen is the place where she will take her stand.

She giggled softly in pleasure
Giving a self-satisfied smile
As the eager shadows enveloped her figure —
Her form became immortal.
Written for the visual by an artist, poet, and friend
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hezekiah Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2004
A brooding beauty personified... The imagery is awe-inspiring; the flow and form is excellent. Indeed, I shall now be envious now for the remainder of the hour... Great, great poem!
pyrewulf Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2004
*growls playfully and then tackles you and loves you savagely*
And in answer to your question: No, that did not have purpose.
sharkoftheday Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
:aww: I'm loving every minute of it, hiss(s).
frankienexus Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2004   Writer
a dark and gentle fairy tale, horror at its most enticing, i love it to bits, this is such a thing to have for that visual, a sad and wonderful thing indeed
sharkoftheday Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
Sighs back
and sighs again because it still has not reached the satisfaction wanted.
Something still seems to be missing or the flow still disturbs me; it is a laugh that usually the ones i'm not completely satisfied with are the ones that are the most popular or appealing.

Sorry, the fairy tale part is what i do like though, and probably why i kept it.
HurriFour Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2004  Student
Its great. the poem is really interesting because you brought in a girl... may i ask who the girl is. i'm just slightly confused. The picture is nice as well, good job to your friend also
sharkoftheday Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
The girl is the subject: she could be the photographer; she could have been the personification of myself; she could be anyone, everyone, and noone at once (that's probably not going to help the confusion). But it does not matter, she is the poem, that is who she is. This limits her existence only if you believe that the poem does not create the world of which it is written; otherwise it is as the poem states, she is immortal and all-encompassing (limited meaning intended).

Thank you and if you can understand what i said or see deeper meaning than what is written, then kudos on my part.
HurriFour Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2004  Student
i believe i understand what you've written. sorry for the extended time it took to reply. very good character statement ^_^
sairah Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2004
perfect...abs perfect....!
sharkoftheday Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
Eeep! Thank you. :hug:
Soul-Of-Fire Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2004
GO FRANKIE!!! I love Frankie =P
Picture kicks ass. Poem kicks ass. Purpose kicks ass. You kick ass. :headbang:
I love this. Awesome stuff. :+fav:
Keep it real.
sharkoftheday Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
She's easy to love in personality, each reason of others different and similar. Don't overdo it, headbanging kills brain cells you know (hisses with laughter). Flattered. this is what i do :hug:
ShadowsAndDust88 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2004
I absolutely love the pic. The poem is awesome too. An overall 9.5 out of 10!
sharkoftheday Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you, the picture isn't mine though.
ShadowsAndDust88 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2004
sharkoftheday Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
Don't worry. I'm somewhat limited to poetry. Therefore, looks up at ceiling in awe of work.
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