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In a land of wind and rain with
Skies of fire burning
Fiercely by the morning sun that
Rises to awaken
Souls, inspire minds to parting
From their worldly matters
Into this world’s surreal imagery;

Skies of fire with lands
Of smoke and rain that intermingles
To create a misty haze,
Spreading over earthen
Soil, rock, mountain
Glowing in contrast with
The receding shadows,
Confused beams of light radiating
From mountains to the distance
‘Tis the birth of  a thought!
The second installment in the series. Again, written while listening to Common Ground by Zach Broch & The Coffee Acheivers. In general, I consider this song to be poetry. Expressed in a different manner, but it is what I hear
hezekiah Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2005
And a hell of a thought it will be. :)

Again, excellent imagery - superb work.
sharkoftheday Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
I think I have some of those thoughts sitting on a shelf somewhere waiting to be used (thinks of two "dreams" waiting for the right place). Some of them anyway, others are still in progress. Then there are those that for some reason or other find their way into an actual piece of work.

Yes, very transcendental (things seemingly litterally pulled out of the air, a mountain glowing, bursting, or erupting suddenly).
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September 10, 2005
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