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   My thoughts are of nothing and everything
   The distinction is irrelevant

See the world as it is
An image, nothing more

Let the images blur
Into a single palpable form
Look past the creation

Fade into an abstraction
Enshroud the self in a surreal dream
Enter the mind

A world of wind and rain
With a blanket of sulfurous sands,
Of gusts unimaginable, stirring
      A dense spire of leaves reaching the heavens

Every gust is an offering to the sky
As the sands flit and spark
In the unyielding tornado of the skies

A pillar of fire
A pyre proclaiming the birth of a thought

With a sky of fire and a land blanketed in smoke
As rain gushes forth from an open wound
Within the fire above

Onto the surface charred
Of sulfurous lands baked in the sun
Of smoke settling below the fire
To contradict the sky, but more the laws
      Bounding reality.
I was never truly fond of this poem, but it connects to a second poem which I am fond of, so I am posting this anyway.
This and the second poem were written mainly while listening to and thinking of Common Ground by Zach Broch & The Coffee Acheivers.
To listen to it goto
It is on the right in the long column. (The edited version leaves out the beginning, but the live version is not as good.)
hezekiah Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2005
Wow, imagery most impressive.

Excellent work!

sharkoftheday Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you :)
It almost seems rushed reading it through, but that is probably from the dual focus.
Speaking of unfocusedness, have surreal ideas for you ever resulted from thinking while focusing on something else (such as the rain, an inspiring song, or a dream that occurs in REM shortly before waking, the type of dreams you control). I am curious because I have no idea if this is something wholly unique or whether this is a common experience. Either way it seems strange that it happens.
hezekiah Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2005
Surreal ideas always come to me - focused on something else or trying not to focus at all. I don't think that's common place though, not to my extent at least. :)

It is very strange that it happens....

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