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It was a weary autumn night,
Fruitless trees were rustling
Complaints of undermined might,
A chill wind was blowing
Under the illuminated sky, lighted
By a place far from sight, close in mind;

“It could almost be daylight,”
She said, for we stood together,
And although we both knew
It was true
Of this lonesome autumn night,
I was silent, she was still;

I spoke, “If daylight it is,
Then let us enjoy it,”
A flash of black, she had turned
Towards me with a smile
Unfolding across her face
As a butterfly its wings;

Another blinding flash, she had turned,
Her face was sullen, as though in mourning,
She was in mourning over something
Many times I had asked her what this
Thing was, she would reply, when she did,

       Filled with things that never were,”
So I said to her, as if out of a memory,
  “And never will be,
  But as long as we are,
  What do they matter?”

She smiled wanly
In acknowledgment, but we both knew nothing
Could be done;
So now it was my choice
To stay or leave her
While in solitude;

To leave would abandoning
All trust and commitment,
Built with labor and time,
But if I stayed, I could
Be nothing of a comfort,
Except to feel her pain more deeply;

“I’ll never abandon you,”
She sighed and we stayed in place,
It was a choice made long ago,
So together we stood, motionless, and
This bitter autumn night.
Both characters are reflections of myself.
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tiamat9 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2005   Traditional Artist
The writing has a beautiful flow to it and it's wonderfully descriptive. Very nice piece.
hezekiah Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2005
Wow, bitter sweet brilliance I say... Most excellent work! Though, the last line of the third stanza has puzzled me a bite. Regardless, the poem is still great. :)

Well done!
sharkoftheday Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
I was basically thinking of, well, a butterfly unfolding its wings (thank you Ms. Obvious). Self-comment aside, when I see this instance, it shows the hidden beauty. The outside of a butterfly is (usually) very bland, a brown or black earthy tone (unless it's a Monarch). However when it spreads its wings, a butterfly reveals this beautiful pattern which people wait to see and in certain butterflies resembles a smile (albeit a large one.) I am not sure if I actually thought about it this deeply when I wrote it, when I wrote it I was thinking of the image of a butterly slowly opening (spreading) its wings and how that could be related to a smile that slowly stretches out from nothing. The digression on beauty was considered but not pursued as a train of thought to the extent that it is now.
hezekiah Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2005
Indeed, but without their wings they're just another ugly bug... Some suckers are lucky, and some aren't. I do adore the irony in that. :)
sharkoftheday Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
Not all bugs are ugly, just some. And just because some bugs, like worms (to me) or rolli-pollis, are ugly it doesn't detract from how much they are liked. But yes, those that are adored are lucky for the reasns they are adored. However, I don't think that any bug, no matter how beautiful, would be adored if it were also vicious and deadly. Maybe I could be wrong, at least I am by many proverbs and story devices.
hezekiah Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2005
I like the ugly bugs actually. Spiders are my favorites, though they're not actually bugs, nor do I find them ugly; but ants and wasps, they are ugly, but I still love them. :D
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